Hello lovelies! How are you today? As I have promised you a couple of days ago I have OPI Nordic Collection swatches for you! I've splitted the collection in two so I will show you the first six shades of the collection, ready?

This first half of the OPI Nordic Collection gathers the gorgeous shades of the Autumn landscape, tan, caramel, bronze, coral orange, deep brown and a little grey gem that is anything but dull!

I've got huge pics for you so feel free to click on them to take a closer look ;)

First is Going my way or Norway? a lovely caramel shade. This kind of shades are usually very flattering on every complexion.

Ice-Bergers & Fries looks exactly like the original "Dulce de Leche Argentino", if you do not know what I am talking about, then you are really missing something in your life! I've been looking for a shade that would look like you dip your fingers in a Dulce de leche jar for so long! Thank you OPI for coming up with this!!

OPI with a nice Finn-ish, gorgeous bronze metallic shade, if you look closely under the sun you can see multicolour sparkles coming from within! And for once the pun in the name is actually "à propos".

My voice is a little Norse fantastic glitter polish with all sorts of multicolour holo scattered glitter, I went a little picture crazy with this one, but it is so pretty! I guess this one was intended as a topcoat (or wasn't it?) but it is perfectly opaque with three coats, I do not know why nobody else is swatching it on its own.

Can't Afjord Not To is a bright orange coral so unusual to see among Fall colours, but I'm happy it was included in this collection because orange is really a must for Autumn too in my book.

Who loves some really dark chocolate raise your... nails! How great is your Dane is a very chic dark brown shade, so yummy... There you go I'm craving dark chocolate now.

Formula wise this first half (the whole collection in fact) is impeccable. I don't have one single complaint. Creme shades apply like a dream, dry decently fast, and are glossy even without topcoat. Simply flawless! The metallic one is also very easy to apply, and looks lovely and shows of course the unavoidable brush strokes under the sun, but then that is known for this kind of finish. The glittery one is very easy to apply and a pain to remove, like every glitter polish, but oh so worthy!

All my swatches show two coats over a base coat and without top coat, except for My voice is a little Norse which looked better with three coats. Please, note that I have included one picture in the shade and one under direct sunlight for each colour.

In this first half I have three favorites, Ice-Bergers & Fries, My voice is a little Norse and Can't Afjord Not To. Which one is more appealing to you? What do you think of this first half of the Nordic collection? Don't be shy and leave me a comment!