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Happy Friday my lovelies!!
I don't know how many of you have jumped in the trend of cushion foundation, but I have read many great reviews on it, and finally decided to try it. I've got shade 02 Beige rosé.
Lately I felt  the need to go for a lighter foundation, but still keeping the glow. I could have opted for any of the gazillion BB creams out there, but since I was so intrigued by the "cushion" thing I though why not?

Cushion foundations is nothing but a special sponge soaked in a very, very liquid foundation. The fact that this foundation is almost as liquid as water would make it very difficult to handle in any other form. It is supposed to be applied with a pad or a sponge.

Lancôme foundation comes with a pad for application and retouches, but reading other bloggers experiences I have decided to use a beauty blender for application (much easier to clean for me) and leave the pad for retouches on the go. 
I have been wearing this foundation for about ten days now and I can say I like it although it is not my "Holy Grail" foundation.

Left: no foundation - Right: Miracle cushion foundation

What I have liked:
  • Natural appearance. It blends beautifully in the skin leaving a very natural look.
  • Custom coverage. You can get very light, light or medium coverage from it. It depends on how much product you apply. This is possible thanks to its translucency.
  • Dewy finish. I prefer this finish to matte or mattifying formulas because of my dry-ish type of skin. 
  • It wears nicely. It doesn't oxidize or change colour during the day. Its staying power is quite decent too, I'd say it looks fine for 8 hours on me, then it starts to "fade". But then, I never powder my face a lot, I'm sure that would help prolonging the wear.
  • Practical. Easy to carry and to apply literally everywhere you go.

What I haven't liked:
  • The shades range. Although it is translucent and lets your own skin colour show through, allowing for it to match with many skin tones  I think the range of shades available is not large enough. I somehow find 02 Beige rosé a bit "orange-y"and would have appreciated a light-medium shade with a more neutral or yellow undertone. 
  • It transfers. Yes, this might be the main reason why I would not buy this foundation again. It transfers to my clothes, phone, or whatever I approach to my face even if I'm only wearing a very small amount of it :(

That being said, I quite like the concept of cushion, and although I may not buy the Lancôme Miracle cushion recharge in the future, I think I might try other brands in the future.

Have you jumped into the "cushion" trend yet? What are your thoughts about it? Let it all out!!