Hello my lovelies, how are you today?
The first of the month seems like the right moment to share with you some empty bottles! Shall we see what I've recently used up?

Clarins Cleansing Milk with gentian: For combination or oily skin. Well I certainly do not have oily skin but I love this cleanser for taking off my make up. When I am using heavy makeup I start with this cleansing milk, take it off with a cotton pad (or two) and then use a rinse off cleanser to eliminate every trace of makeup, impurities and cleansing milk ;) I don't think is something really special but is effective yet gentle enough for my sensitive skin, plus I can have a jumbo bottle (400ml) for a great price, so this is a keeper. Bought a second bottle already ;)

Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay SPA: I used this mask to deeply clean my pores and I have loved it! Not only it is effective, but very pleasant to use. When applying it has a real "glacial" super cold sensation on the face. I also like the way my skin feels afterward, so clean and fresh. I'm definitely going to repeat this one.

Neutrogena Bodybalm with Nordic berry: This is meant for dry to very dry skin, has a lovely and light berry scent and it really keeps my skin happy during winter. It is not utterly rich, oily or greasy, but leaves the feeling of hydrated skin for a couple of hours, it also absorbs fairly quickly. I definitely recommend it.

Marionnaud Moisturizing day cream: with white lily exctract. This one is for normal to combination skin. I really got this one by mistake!! I had tried a sample of the version for dry skin and totally adored it! When in the shop, the lady at the counter wanted to sell me the one with SPF on, and I kept telling her that I intended to use it day AND night. Then she finally gave me the NON SPF version, I got home and put it on that same evening only to notice AFTERWARDS it was not for DRY skin arghhhh. Well I used it all the same but for the winter's nights it was not moisturizing enough for me... However I loved it for the day I even had the feeling it was a great primer for my YSL Ink fusion foundation! Very pleased with it.

MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation: I have liked this foundation very much because it really lasts on me, without creasing all over despite my rather dry skin. However, my skin doesn't love it at all in winter, and it ended up in the back of the drawer and eventually changed colour(?) I am now more fond of lighter and more dewy kind of foundations so I would probably not repurchase it for now.

Klorane conditioning balm with mango butter:  This sample came with one bottle of shampoo I got and it is meant to nourish and detangle dry hair. I don't have tangling problems with my hair and at the beginning I quite liked it. It only takes a very little amount, so this little one lasted me a while. At the end I wasn't thrilled with it though, I found my hair could used a more moisturizing conditioner because I felt it dry nonetheless.

The Body Shop Fijan Water Lotus body butter: I was in love with this butter when I got it (a long time ago) and wrote this review. However, in the first trimester of pregnancy  I was so sick that couldn't stand any scent without feeling sick, and this little baby went back to a drawer. Happily the sickness went away by the end of the second trimester and I went back to use this delicious butter! I have loved and enjoyed it a lot! (I would like to try the green tea one now!)

Nuxe Rêve de miel Face cleansing and Makeup removing gel: Specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. It soothes, softens the skin with honey and sunflower. I have loved using this one the whole winter! it is so kind on my dry-ish skin, but very effective getting rid of makeup.  However, when I'm wearing heavy foundation, cream makeup, etc. I feel the (psychological) need of using a cleansing milk before this one. It has the  characteristic, delicious and soft smell of the Rêve de miel line, and I would definitely recommend it to any dry or sensitive skinned gal.

Have you try any of these products before? What have you used up lately that is worth mentioning?
I'd love to read your opinions!