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Hello sweeties! How are you? I am seriously delighted by this new Zoya collection for Spring, I think the theme and the colours are totally spot on for the season! Shall we take a look?

I wouldn't say Zoya Delight is your average pastel collection for Spring, basically because the colours are more vibrant and vivid than "pastel", I would say is more of a "macaroons" collection ;) (who say sweettooth?) The six shades of the Zoya Delight collection are feminine, yet playfull and vibrant enough to swipe out the dullness of the winter! and there is something for every taste.

Zoya Rayne: Dewy, spring blue with an energizing turquoise metallic shimmer. This shade reminds me of the film "Frozen" don't ask me why.

Zoya Lillian: Faded aquamarine with a glossy crème finish.

Zoya Tiana: Palette cleansing "pistacchio gelato" green in a glossy crème finish.

Zoya Daisy: Refreshing "lemon merengue" yellow with a turquoise metallic finish.

Zoya Leslie: soft spring lavender with a turquoise metallic finish.

Zoya Eden: Classic spring flower pink in a glossy crème finish.

All the swatches show two coats over a basecoat, without topcoat except for Rayne and Daisy that needed three coats to cover the visible nail line (and yet in some angles you still see it. I would say the whole collection is pretty consistent formula and appliication wise, they are easy to apply, fairly opaque in two coats. I find Lillian and Eden to have the best formulation, being thus easier to apply and totally self-levelling, whilst Tiana seemed a little thicker and needed a more careful application to look smooth. All the colours dry decently fast, although those which required three coats -obviously- needed some extra time.

The whole collection is so tempting for nail art! A ton of variants specially skittle manicures come to my mind looking at these pretty bottles lined up. I also love how glossy the crèmes are even without a topcoat!

I know you aresick of me telling you that Zoya polishes are specially indicated for pregnant women as they are toxin free formula and Big5Free certified, being completely free of Formaldehyde, Resin Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phatalate (BBP) and Camphor. They are also cruelty free, which means these nail polishes and their ingredients are never tested on animals, and/or do not have any animal derived ingredients.

My favorites of the bunch are the cremes: Tiana, Lillian and Eden, but I have to admit the yellow is pretty unique! Which are your favourites? Will you pick any from this collection? If you like any of the Zoya polishes you can find them on the Zoya Switzerland shop. Also, remember you can use my exclusive code POLISHEDPOLYGLOT_FAN during the checkout for an extra 20% discount!