Hello, my lovelies!
It's been a while since I wrote one of these posts where I share with you the products I've used until the very last drop. I know several among you especially like this kind of mini reviews as they show a more insightful opinion of the product having it used for quite a long time and not just a couple of days or weeks. Here are the products I finish in September, they are not a lot because I have been testing quite a few items for the blog and nothing ever seems to finish! LOL 

Let's have a closer look.

Clarins Cleansing milk with Gentian: Combination to oily skinI know, if you read me frequently, you know too: I DO NOT have oily skin at all. So why this choice? I find this milk to be very gently with the skin but very effective makeup remover! So yes, when I wear heavy makeup this is what I go for. It is not as expensive as other high end brands, but the bottle is huuuuge (400ml / 14 Oz) and this lasts me for about 18 months. If you have a misbehaving skin like mine, with dry patches, and breakouts and sensitive areas, I recommend you to try this one.

Klorane Floral gel eyemakeup remover: With soothing cornflower. Waterproof. Sensitive eyes:hisWhere do I begin...? I was curious to try some skincare products of Klorane since I love their shampoos (especially the dry shampoo) so much. Well, I do regret getting this one. It was affordable I think I paid around 10CHF for this tube. BUT, there is absolutely NOTHING soothing about this, when I say nothing I mean null, niente, nada de NADA! It contains alcohol, but it is the second to last ingredient, so I thought that wouldn't bother my eyes. HOW WRONG was I!! I could not finish this tube, in fact I'm tossing it half full. This is the harshest eyemakeup remover I've tried, believe me I've tried a few. It litterally burns my eyes! It smells awfully alcohol and definitely not for sensitive eyes, or for any kind of eyes if you ask me. Definitely I don't understand, I keep thinking I might have gotten a bad bottle, maybe it is that, but I really don't feel like trying again. If the product is like this, I definitely wouldn't recommend it to my worse enemy (not that I have one, but you get the picture). Have you try this remover? what do you think about it?

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum complexion correcting: I have written an in-depth review on this serum (read it here). I have finished this a while ago and although it has contributed a lot to make my skin look healthier and more beautiful, it wasn't as effective as I hope with my hyperpigmentation. Months ago I was lucky enough to win a second bottle of this in a giveaway, which is waiting in my drawers for its turn to be used. It is a good serum, it definitely helps the skin to be more radiant and healthy, but it is not a miracle for hyperpigmentation spots. If you don't have very bad discolorations I would say go for it.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream: I've also written an in-depth review of this product which I have loved to pieces (read more about it here). If anything helped with my dark spots, it was this cream. I have a full size of this (that I also won in the giveaway) but unfortunately, I am not able to use it regularly as I'm frequently testing things for the blog.

Cuccio Naturalé hydrating butter blends for hands, feet and body: I have an in-depth review of these here. These were my last two little pots, I have saved them for a while, but used them up in my last vacation. I will certainly purchase these again!

Seche Vite. Fast drying top coat. It's been several years since I used up my last bottle of Seche Vite. This top coat contains toluene, which is quite toxic and proven to cause developmental damage in the fetus. I stopped using this few months before being pregnant with my second child in 2014 and only started again using it again a couple of months ago when I stopped breastfeeding my girl. I know, I shouldn't use this at all! Toluene is a terrible neurotoxin, and it is very volatile, so I don't use it when the kids are around and I don't use it as often as I used to. However, I must say this topcoat performs much better than any other I've tried, in terms of drying the manicure faster. I wouldn't repurchase it though, and I would certainly NOT recommend it. Still, if you have found a topcoat that performs nearly like this and free of toxic ingredients, I'll take the advice willingly!!

MAVALA Thinner for nail polish: This little bottle is super overpriced but it does last very long. Its purpose is to thin out nail polish that might have gotten a little gooey. It does a nice job, but honestly, I wouldn't pay what it costs again (I think is 15 CHF). I'm sure there is some cheaper thinner out there that performs just as well.

Well, there were my empties this month. What about you? What products have you finished lately? Are you familiar with any of the products of my list? Don't be shy and let me know your opinion in the comments!