What the say is true, the hands are the first to sell out your age!! We dab all sorts of lotions and potions on our faces, but are we taking good care of our hands?  Not that I try to hide my age, but I take a lot of closeup pictures of my hands and as I do not use photoshop as other nail bloggers do, I want my skin to look great and appealing as possible.
So, here I am, with yet another product from a Korean brand specially developped for hands: Tony Moly Peach Antiage Hand cream. I was sold when I saw the packaging, right? how could this be any cuter! But, of course, Does what is inside leave up to the expectations? Keep reading to find out what I think after using this hand cream!

What I like

"Tony Moly Peach Anti-aging Hand Cream contains extracts of peach and apricot, which makes it a whitening product. Besides, it contains adenosine, an anti-wrinkle ingredient. It gives hands sufficient nutrients, diminishes wrinkles of hands and makes hands elastic again." This description sounded convincing enough to me, so I decided to try it.

This is a lightweight cream, that sinks in fast and leaves hands feeling silky, so it's great for using any time of the day, unlike other richer hand creams I own. It has nice smell, although a bit overpowering at first, it fades in a few minutes and I can only feel it if I take my hands close to my nose.

I do believe this product has somehow helped to improve the elasticity of my hand skin, more than the products I usually reach for, which are not specifically anti-aging.

The ratio price/quantity/quality is very good. The jar contains 30g and retails for only 12 USD.

One more thing: the packaging is very cute!

What I don't like

Again, I'm afraid this is a critic I cannot fully endorse to the product since it is a Korean brand, but a full list of ingredients in English was nowhere to be found. The lovely Karine from Nailderella blog handed me some screenshots with the translation of the ingredient list of one other product from this brand that I presented it recently (click here to read about it). Honestly, I don't think this could count as a critic, but mostly as a wish: I wish the brand would include the ingredients in English as they already do with their face masks!

I do have a remark on the packaging: it does not close tightly enough, which is not ideal for the product optimal preservation. As soon as I try to tighten the lid, the two halfs of the "peach" shape wouldn't match!

The cream itself does not give enough hydration to my skin (which is quite dry). I feel that, although this product has some anti-aging benefits, my hands feel dry as frequently as usual and I need to reapply other products. I would say it is not any more moisturising or more emollient than any of my current hand creams.

My final veredict is: I do like it and will use it up, but it is very unlikely that I'd repurchase. If you are the kind of person that like their products by its packaging, I'd say go for it, it is cute and a decent hand cream. If you are expecting this may have some "special" moisturizing or anti-aging properties other hand creams don't have, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.

I hope this review was useful for you! What about you? have you tried this product already? Or maybe another interesting mainstream Korean product you've tried and you'd like to recommend me? Leave all your thoughts in the comments, please!!