Hi, there! Happy Friday!!
Normally on Fridays I would post some nail art, but as the Nail Art Challenge I followed has finished last week, I thought it was time for a roundup!
So if you were looking for inspiration for doing your nails, this post may come handy, as I'm about to present you 52 different nail art designs in one place!

Not Knowing how to handle this, I decided to do some fun slideshows, where you can see the pic, the title and the link to the original article where I explain which colours I use and give some instructions on how to do the design.

Now a little note: If you are reading from a mobile device, switch to full screen mode and you will be able see all the 52  pictures in the first album. However, if you are reading from a desktop, the weirdest thing is each slideshow only shows 15 pics at the time, so I had to make several albums to fit all the 52 nail designs! So weird!!

I hope you enjoy the recap and that it can be helpful in any way!

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Have the most wonderful weekend!