Hello sweeties! I am back :) !!
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know my baby girl was born on the 10th May and I took a couple of weeks off-line. Today I thought it would be nice to share with you my recent makeup routine and what were the products most frequently present in my makeup bag this month. I still haven't decided nor planned on my posting frequency during my "maternity-leave", so don't worry if I don't post very frequently from now on ;)

The month of May hasn't been easy so far. In fact, the arrival of a baby is a huge thing in the life of a family and everyone needs to adapt and make concessions. We haven't been sleeping much, specially me, as the baby wants to be breast feeded very frequently also during the night. Also I've been feeling very weak since my child delivery was a bit harsh and I lost lots of blood, but doctors took good care of me and I could go home with my baby 5 days after the birth.

Since the day of birth I haven't been following my beauty routines as I used to, just the minimum ;), and don't let me even get started on my looks! I have been dragging myself around in some yoga pants and grayish-green complexion for most of the past two weeks! Well, except when I "had to" leave the house, when a minimum of makeup was required only to make me look human. So here are my "saviours" the items I trust the most for brightening up the complexion being also quick and simple to use!

I forgot to include it for the pic, but Clarins Beauty flash balm is giving me a helping hand for brightening a bit my very tired complexion. There might be some better primers for that purpose but this is the one I had in hand and it really works!

Concealer: I am not using concealer on the face to hide the discoloration due to pregnancy hormones simply because I have very little time to do my makeup, so I just skip that step. But something is absolutely required for the eye area!! I'm loving Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream for that purpose, I do not know why I haven't used this one earlier! It illuminates the eye area beautifully without accentuating any fine line, and it is perfect for gals with a sensitive and/or dry skin around the eyes.

Foundation: Right know I need something light and with nice coverage (as I am skipping concealing) so Dior Skin nude Air Serum foundation seems perfect for the task (see my review!).

Powder and highlighter :I'm not powdering my face at all but I'm still going steady with  Guerlain Météorites compact,as a highlighter, a bit of light and "dewyness" is needed since the foundation I use it is quite matte.

My go to blush lately has been the infallible Le Blush crème de Chanel 62, Présage. Nothing brightens up the complexion better than a vibrant appricot shade, and this one is particularly awesome.

No changes here, and I'm still using the endless NYX eybrow cake powder

I just slap a bit of Chanel Illusion d'ombre on my lids and a coat of NYX Doll eyes mascara and off you go!

To be in accordance with the appricot shade on the cheeks I'm going for the gorgeous Rouge Dior Brillant #808 "Victoire" a lovely shade and a wonderful product (soon to be reviewed!).

And this is how my "daily" makeup looks:

Evidently my biggest concern now is to give a little more "light" and "freshness" to the complexion, what makeup product do you use when you want to achieve that effect? Please, don't hesitate to leave a comment!