Hello sweeties! How are you today? My pregnancy due date is today, 5th May, but as I'm letting the nature do its job, the baby will be born whenever she decides in the next days :)

I know some of you are interested in being updated with the news, so I'm writing this short post to let you know how I planned my activity on the blog and other social media. 

I have scheduled the next few posts and then I'll be taking a few weeks (months?) blogging break.  I'll be checking in for reading and answering your blogs/comments when I can. Meanwhile, I will for sure update my Instagram and/or Facebook about the baby and other stuff, so we can keep in touch there during my absence from the blog.

I am quite impatiently expecting for any small sign that the baby has decided to arrive. This is a very happy moment for our family and we wish to enjoy it a max, so I apologize if I don't always have the time to visit and comment on your blogs. I will be back on full blogging mood before you realize (hey time flies!). Thank you for reading my nonsense, and for all your sweet and supportive comments, they are an important part of my life! Thank you for hanging there.


PS. Para todos mis lectores de habla Castellana: No he podido traducir las últimas entradas al español, pero recuerden que siempre tienen la opción del traductor de goolge en la barra lateral. No es lo más adecuado, lo sé, pero es mejor que nada! Cuando vuelva full time voy a seguir traduciendo los futuros artículos. Las quiero y les mando un abrazo enoooorme!!!