May 6, 2015

New Spring-Summer love: DiorSkin Nude air serum foundation

This is an scheduled post!!

Hello my lovelies! How are you?
It is time to talk about makeup, more specifically about foundation LOVE! I've been using my Diorskin nude Air serum foundation for the past few weeks and I am so in love with it I wanted to share my opinion with you.

This is the latest Dior foundation for Spring and Summer, and there is a bit of controversy about it being an absolute holy grail for some and a total fail for others. So I thought one more opinion about it wouldn't hurt, right?

As you know I have normal to dry skin, but it tends to get dryer in winter and more normal to combination during the hot season. I point this out because I firmly believe understanding how your skin works is the MOST IMPORTANT in order to get the right makeup and cosmetics, and I certainly think this foundation I am reviewing is great for people with normal to combination, or combination to oily skin!

Dior Nude Air Serum foundation is silicone based and has a very liquid consistency, even more liquid-y than YSL Fusion Ink foundation, thanks to this characteristic it is super light weight and imperceptible on the skin. 

The packaging is a fancy glass bottle with a dropper applicator. I guess this is the cleanest way to dispense it since it runs like water! I know this can be scary for some people, but applying the foundation is actually easier than you would think when you first open the bottle. I prefer to apply a couple of drops to the back of my hand and then pick it with a brush (I use Real techniques face expert brush) and buff it into my face. But you can also apply it with a beauty blender or even your fingers (althoug I haven't been able to apply it with fingers without doing a hot mess :P)

The foundation is scented, which has bothered some people, but it doesn't bother me and I have quite a sensitive skin. I'd say all my YSL foundations are even more scented and that doesn't disturb me at all. 

This foundation has a velvety matte finish and it is ultra-super-thin but at the same time very pigmented to be medium coverage. And those are the main reasons why I love it for the hot season! I am having a "good skin" period now, I mean no break outs, pimples, or dry patches for me now. However, due to pregnancy hormones the discolorations on my face have intensified, so it is perfect for me right now. It covers all the points I am needing: mattifies the center of my face, evens out my complexion naturally (without mask effect) and lasts very long on me (twelve hours without needing to touch up or powder my face). 

Left: bare skin, Right: wearing Diorskin Nude Air Serum foundation

Some extra notes you might be interested in:

  • I do not need to powder over this foundation, but then remember I am more on the dry side, which is a high plus for me in summer, powder and sweat are not best friends :P
  • Oily skin people might want to use a setting powder over it.
  • I don't think this foundation is good for people with very dry skin, dry patches or breakouts. As the thin texture tends to accentuate those problem areas.
  • I have noticed a slight "blur effect" with this foundation, since I couldn't get a sharp shot with my camera even with the more specific macro lens. And that is a good point!
  • The coverage is not "buildable" because of the thin texture. So what you see is what you get :)
  • The color range is not very large. I got it in the shade 020, which is the second fairest shade and a pretty good match for me, with intense yellow undetone. But I think there are only 5 other shades available (at least in Switzerland) which is not great :(
I certainly recommend this foundation, but not for everybody! I myself wouldn't use it in winter or when my skin is not in good condition. But right now, I am loving it!!

Please let me know your thoughts on this foundation if you have tried it or you are willing to try it. And don't forget to check Instagram and/or Facebook if you want to keep in touch with me :)



  1. It does look great on you, this foundation! The applicator seems a bit weird to me but it's a matter of what somebody is used to ;) The foundation seems to work very well!

  2. Anonymous6/5/15 12:41

    Well, your skin looks really fabulous with this foundation! Natural but luminous and pretty much flawless! I might have to ask for a sample, see how it does on my skin.

  3. I love the before and after picture. The foundation covers fantastic the imperfection of the skin!

  4. ¡Que lindo tono!
    me encanta !
    Un beso bella!

  5. My face bounce between dry and very dry so I'm not sure this will suits me. I hope it will because I have my eyes on this for the longest time. I'll try to ask some sample first.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. Hola! Desde que salió a la venta que la vengo mirando, pero no me gusta para nada el tema de abrir el frasco, por las bacterias... prefiero las que son airless (igual no quita que en algún momento la compre, es Dior =P)
    Acá en Argentina hay tonos del 10 al 40. El subtono amarillo no me favorece mucho, tendría que probar la 10 a ver que onda.

  7. te queda genial!!!! se ve muy natural

    un besote

  8. Looks beautiful and very natural, I have to say I am also a huge fan of Dior foundations, great coverage and very natural looking! It must soon be baby time?! I am sending lots of love to you all :) xx

  9. wow...great coverage....I haven't tried any foundation from Dior and I really want to try one ....

  10. Ho sentito un sacco di cose belle su questo fondotinta, purtroppo però non sono tanto tipo da fondo liquidi... Anche perché appena arriva un pizzico di caldo si lucidano un sacco su di me... :/

  11. looks really nice and very natural :)

  12. looks really nice and very natural :)

  13. Hey Nati, this one has definitely been my go-to foundation when I want to wear one! I still need to set my T-zone with a powder, but otherwise I'm all good. I can use it in winter tho, most probably because my skin is oilier than yours ;)

  14. Interesting review. What price range does it have?

  15. Looks good on you :-)

  16. I love this review. Thanks for the insight. I have been wondering about this foundation since Jaclyn Hill raved about it. I love finding the opinions of other normal-dry skin ladies! It's winter here in Australia but I would love to test it out during the summer as you recommended! xx

  17. Buenas una base que quiero comprar hace un lujo..tengo algunas de DIOR que amo!

  18. Io ho grossissimi problemi con i fondi liquidi: dopo averli applicati (anche in inverno) la mia pelle tende a scaldarli e a farli diventare più scuri T_T


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