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Hello my lovelies! How are you?
Doing nail art is time consuming. As you know I have had little time for doing my nails and I can't change my manis as often as I used to. So one thing I've been doing a lot lately is REVAMPING! One great way to do so is using these cool French tip guides stickers from Born pretty store. I thought it was fun and the possibilities are endless!
These are like your good ol' French manicure guides, but better! They come in all sort of different designs including chevrons, zig-zag, waves, heart shapes and even rounded shapes for half moon manicures, and honestly I've not even tried all of them yet, they're so many. The lot includes 16 sheets with at least 15 (or more depending on the designs) individual guides each. 

So this was my manicure: two coats of Rimmel "Keep calm and play" with topcoat. Lovely unphotographable bright seafoam green! 

But I quickly got bored... So, using the large chevron shaped guides I applied them to the very tip of the nails and sponged som white nail polish in the uncovered area of the nails. I took off the guides immediately (do not wait for the polish to dry or it will be messy) and added a coat of topcoat: Tadaaa! A totally new manicure with a funky French tip!

But hey, you can also use this for all kinds of nail art, not only for French tips, as I did on my right hand. On my left hand I did a completely different design, mixing the shapes of the stickers to show you how many possibilities there are. I used Elevation Mont Ventoux, a prety yellow cream, Underline mini enamel, a vibrant purple (which is a one coater!!) and a gold liner from Born Pretty store for the details.

I love the final result and I can't wait to try the rest of the stickers. I still have plenty of ideas that could be done with them. Of course these stickers are not only good for revamping manicures but also for doing fresh new manis too.

The 16 sheets of French tip guides stickers retail for 4.99 USD at  Born pretty store, and free shipping!
Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

What do you think of these manicures? Do you ever revamp your manicures? Do you find these stickers interesting? Don't hesitate to leave a comment!



  1. Revamping is such a good idea when your pressed for time! This looks absolutely gorgeous, its not colours I would think to put together but it looks so beautiful together :) Really lovely! xx

  2. These guides are so useful! I love your manicure, it looks trendy and you made the perfect color choice!

  3. Anonymous24/6/15 15:55

    Oh nice! I can definitely use a little help when it comes to nail art, lol :-)

  4. I have them too and I can't wait to try them! I love what you did with them. It turned out to be such a pretty combo :)

  5. I am in love with that Rimmel shade, Nati! So gorgeous and I'll need to hunt it down for myself!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. Amazing manicure. Me encanta como te ha quedado y la mezcla de tonalidades es preciosa. Abrazos y bendiciones.

  7. It all looks very well :) A useful way to refresh manis!

  8. Oh, that Keep calm and play is one gorgeous polish - I also love the final mani!

  9. I love the colors you chose, very Mardi Gras :)

  10. The french nail tip guide are very useful for a variety of nail arts.
    I like your idea for this manicure! :)

  11. What a lovely mani :-D

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