Hello sweeties! How was your weekend?

I'd like to start this week with a new cosmetic accessory that has been spotted in quite a few blogs and beauty forums, the GLOV Hydro Démaquillage. It is about a microfiber glove specially designed to remove makeup using only water. What??! Wait... I was quite skeptical too, but, please, keep reading.

So what is it exactly? GLOV is basically a cloth made of specially developed fibers that are capable of removing makeup, dirt and sebum from your face without the need of applying any product. Yes, you read right, that means no cleansing foam/milk/cream, no micellar water, no oil, NADA.

In the brand words:

"The secret ally of GLOV fibers:

  • 100 times thinner than a human hair, 30 times thinner than a coton pad
  • Star shaped and eloctrostatic abilities
  • Works as magnet on all makeup
  • Pure water activates its abilities"

Macro shot of the GLOV's fibers

Of course as soon as I read about it, I had to try myself. I have been using GLOV for a week to remove makeup in the evening. At first I used it also for cleansing my face in the mornings, but I gave up. (Please, keep reading to know why.)

Instructions of use at the back of the package

GLOV is super easy to use, first you damp the cloth in warm or cold tap water, secondly you remove your makeup with a smooth circular motion, thirdly you wash the cloth with soap and water, and finally you hang it to dry, and it's ready for being used again. You can use the same GLOV once and again for 3-4 months and then discard it.

GLOV exists in two sizes: 
GLOV comfort, which is larger, and with four corners designed for delicate areas, perfect for removing strong makeup and having it at home.
GLOV on-the-go, which is a mit shaped smaller cloth designed to be used on travel.

GLOV quick treat, ideal to be carried in the bag and do quick fixes (click to enlarge)

Now, my opinion:
Yes, it does! It removes makeup wonderfully. The cloth is super-duper soft. Wait... did I say soft? make that softer. 
I think it is a great invention indeed. I don't find it messy, specially the large cloth allows you to remove makeup at ease, I use one corner for removing makeup of one eye, another corner for the second eye, a third corner for the lips, and the back for the whole face. That way I'm not rubbing my cloth dirty with black mascara all over my face. 

Makeup I was wearing, GLOV after removing makeup and GLOV after washing it with soap (click to enlarge)

I find it has plenty of advantages:

  • It is a super quick method. The face is clean in one single step, which is great for those evenings you're too tired to go through your whole cleansing routine.
  • It is very economic: you don't need to spend on products of any sort and you only need 4 GLOVs per year.
  • It is lightweight and travel friendly, (I would love it for removing my makeup on long travels! as it doesn't count as liquid, obviously ;)
  •  It is ECO-friendly! No more cotton pads, tissues or paper towels in the bin. How great is that? 

Would I recommend it to my betst friend?

Sure, I would! 

Is this my Holy Grail Cleansing method?

Unfortunately, even though I find plenty of advantages my skin didn't love it. Specially the skin around my eyes. I couldn't entirely blame GLOV for this, but mainly calcareous tap water which my skin really hates. But if your water is not as calcareous or if your skin is not as sensitive GLOV might be your Holy Grail cleanser.

For GLOV being efficient you need to rub a little, which makes my super sensitive skin becoming red. Also, by rubbing you get a micro exfoliation, which could be extremely beneficial for some types of skin, but not quite for dry skin like mine. Those are the main reasons I skip this method in the mornings before putting makeup on.

I'm not quite sure all bacteria can be eliminated only by washing the cloth with soap and water. I suppose you can wash the GLOV in the washing machine with high temperature, but it is not specified in the leaflet or on the product. In any case, I wouldn't use it more than a week without washing it in the machine, but maybe that's only me who am a bit obsessed with bacteria ;-P

All in all, I'm very pleased with the idea of using GLOV for travelling o for a quick fix, as a wash cloth, or for those evenings I come back late and I'm too tired or too lazy to go through my whole cleansing routine, and a great alternative to just drop in bed with a whole face of makeup, LOL!

GLOV is available retails for 14.90 €, in its larger version, or 12.90 € for the on-the-go version. 
Would you like to try GLOV? Do you think it would be a good solution for removing your makeup? 

Let me know your thougts!!