Hello sweeties! Happy Friday!
Baby is asleep right now, so is the perfect moment to sit down and write this blog post. As every month I'd like to share with you what were the makeup items I used the most this month and what look I've been sporting lately.
Unlike every other woman on Earth (?, well I exaggerate a bit) during the hot month of June I've preferred going on full makeup with strong eyelook, instead of opting for a lightweight almost bare look. The reason? I look like sh*t... pardon my French. The past month has been harsh, very little sleep, (like 3 4 hours per night max.) and it was because my baby had some stomach troubles and the poor thing cried a lot day and night :( so nobody could sleep at home. But now that has been taken care of since the doctor finally nailed it and gave her some medicine. Hopefully she will be feeling better each day until pain is completely gone!

Now, into the makeup, shall we?

I don't know why I'm always forgetting this on the picture! (oh, well, yes I know is because I take my pictures in a rush :P) This month my beloved Radical skincare skin perfecting skin SPF 30 is doing both: sun protection and illuminating primer. Isn't it great when a product can be multipurpose?

Concealer: Is my best friend this month. I've pulled out the heavy arms with Vichy Dermablend corrector stick in Nude 25, and this one is so loyal, if there is anything to hide, this baby will take care of it! Also for the eye area I'm going steady with Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream as I did last month.

Foundation: I'm sorry to repeat this over and over, but my Dior Skin nude Air Serum foundation is the best right now! it is light enough to be paired to my heavy concealer without me feeling that I'm carrying a mask. Plus it is matte.

Powder and highlighter : I'm powdering my face, for two reasons: one, my concealer needs proper setting, two I need a nice smooth powdery surface where to apply my bronzer and three, weather has got quite hot around here and powder prevents my forehead from shining. Wait, that's three reasons... obviously I need some more sleep. Whatever. NYX HD Studio photogenic Finishing powder is taking care flawlessly of the task! boy this was sitting on a drawer for months before I decided to open it! Why?? it's so fine, lightweight and mattifying, I'm really loving it!
I haven't been using highlighter, as my sunscreen gives me the allover glow I need.

Bronzer and Cheeks:  
As a bronzer I'm using the oldie and ever so trusty Diorskin Nude Tan Coral Glow but only the bronzer half, which is not too dark or too pale, and has also a it of a sheen (so it is not totally matte) all of what seem quite the right thing for me now (that I'm not tanned but desperately need a bit of colour!). The coral blush in it simply looks like too vivid on me right now, so I'm opting for MAC Powder Blush in Hipness, from the Wash and Dry collection, which I think goes better with the strong eye-look and lip I'm using.

No changes here, and I'm still using the endless NYX eybrow cake powder

As the old saying states "if you can't beat them, put some make up on them" that's what I'm doing now. There's no way to hide the fatigue onmy eyes, so I load them with pretty stuff!
But of course lacking the time for doing a complex smoky eye or anything, I just dab my Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Caroube on the center of the lid and smudg the edges with a fluffy brush, then add some black with NYX retractable waterproof eyeliner, loads of NYX Doll eye mascara without forgetting my Estée Lauder Little Black primer to amplify my lashes. A gal needs to get her eyes opened (or at least pretend they are).

It is the simplest step of my routine and I'm showing some serious love to MAC Steam Heat from Wash and Dry collection lately. I use it mostly as a "tint" dabbing it with my fingertip, because the color is very intense. If you wish to see how it looks fully on please check my review on it!

And this is how my makeup looks:

My concern this month has been trying to look "human", so there was much to be done and covered. And let's face it, seeing yourself all doll up is also a great booster when the energy is low! What about you? Do you wear more or less makeup when you are extremely tired? and when it is hot? Please, don't hesitate to leave a comment!