Hello there it is me again!
I hope you had a great weekend, I sure did! After a hard week without hubby, being out for a conference, the weekend was expected with major anticipation. I mean,when two kids decide to cry ate the same time... is sooooo good when daddy is around! With a newborn at home one of the greatest thing of the weekend is "daddy is home!". Then I can indulge in little pleasures of life like using a scrub in the shower. I have spoiled myself rotten on Sunday morning, because, well, this is not "any" scrub, this is THE scrub ladies and gents: let me introduce you to the new-ish The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body scrub!

Virgin Mojito Body Scrub is one of those things you think of when somebody says "happiness is made of small things". Well, that's true. Gently rubbing my skin with this stuff is a little bit like happiness. Incredibly smooth and freakingly fresh, this scrub smells like a summer vacation (which I'm not having this year btw).

Well, well, well, let me try to focus and give you some objective info (like if that was easy to do on a Monday, yeah...). If you have already tried Wild Argan Oil scrub from The Body Shop range, this is sort of the same principle: a jelly like consistency with teenie-tiny beads that scrub the skin. The substancial difference is that Virgin Mojito scrub is much gentler than the Wild Argan oil version, which is rough stuff. Virgin mojito exfoliates the skin gently getting rid off dead skin cells and leaving it ready for moisturizer and leaving a super fresh scent. I personally love it, but if you're looking for a harsh-heavy-duty scrub, this is not it.

The scent is exactly like a Mojito (minus the rhum) the combo of Lime and Mint is a punch on the face! Well, not literally, but it is super invigorating. If your scope is to have a relaxing shower before bed then don't use this! or any other product from Virgin Mojito range. But I highly recommend it to start the week on an ever-so-difficult-Monday-morning. 

I am loving this scrub so much! What else can I say? oh, yes, this is a summer limited edition, so hurry up!

Have a great start to your week!