Ok: it is starting to freak the heck out of me that it is Friday AGAIN! Where did this week go?? Bummer, I need to get my Christmas shopping started!!! Have you already started yours? Just thinking of it is already stressing me out. Well, let me try and chill out by enjoying a new appointment with the 52 weeks Challenge Called "40 Great Nail Art Ideas". The prompt for today is orange, purple and green and my technique code is "dotting tools". Aren't you curious to know what everyone got?

Just in case you missed my explanation on the challenge, this is a Double prompted challenge, every other week there is a theme prompt and the rest are colour prompts. Whenever there is a color prompt, like today, each participant gets a different technique. Today I ought to combine  orange, purple and green nail polish with "dotting tools".

Of course there are many things you can do with dotting tools other than dots. But you know I've been opting for "the simplest available option", a sort of occam's razor of nail art, lol. Yeah, basically I just went for a dotticure.

For this manicure I used many colors, started with Pahlish Electric as a base, then using different sizes dotting tools I drew my pattern in a kind of  kaleidoscopical way. The colours used were: Essence caramel cheese cake, Zoya Tilda, Zoya neely, Essie Vermillionaire.

I really like the base colour so I didn't want to cover all the nails completely and I decided to do sort of half moons and one accent nail.
What do you think of it? Do you like it? I now thins it could have looked better if I used a lighter base (like a pale green) and draw with more vibrant colours... so I will certainly try this technique again!
Please, do not forget to check the inlinkz here below with all the nail art creations for today's prompt.

Have a wonderful weekend, sweeties!