Empty products from September 2015

Hello lovelies! Before the first week of October flies away I would like to share with you my thoughts on a few products I have recently finished. Anything tickling your curiosity? keep reading after the jump!

Chanel Gel pureté. Rinse-off foaming gel cleanser. Purity + anti-pollution. Every now and then I come back to this cleanser which I really love. It cleanses deeply and it's recomended for combination and oily skin, but it is not harsh at all on my dry and sensitive skin. It is great removing makeup and dirt in one go. I do not need a second cleanser or anything else when I use this, so it shortens down the whole skincare routine (very needed when you're a new mom). That being said, it’s pricey and I can’t allways allow myself to get it. Otherwise a great cleanser.

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Magic Finish. Anti-frizz shine serum. Light control. I quite liked this one, I don't use it very frequently but it is definitely a great pal to finish my hair style, specially on humid weather like the one we are having this Fall, so I will definitely repurchase it!

Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B vitamin. Revitalizing and strengthening:  This  is my second empty bottle of this shampoo, and I've already told you about it here. Of course I could not "prevent" my post-partum hair loss, so I'm still shadding like crazy. But I keep steady using this shampoo combined with other treatments and after two months I should say I already notice some improvement meaning my hair is re-growing, looks quite healthy and seems it will recover much quicker now than with my first pregnancy. REcovering my hair pre-pregnancy is a long story I'm only in the middle of, so I'll say "so far so good". I'll keep you updated. 

OPI Avojuice Sweet lemon sage hand and body lotion. I wrote a full review of this one here. I love this stuff and would definitely repurchase, my favourite scent is the vanilla lavender one!

Radical Skincare Multi Brightening Serum: This is the priciest serum I've ever used and I have a full review on it here. I got it again trying to get rid off the discolorations caused by the pregnancy hormones. I tried other two serums since I gave birth and this one is the first showing real improvements on my skin! I totally recommend it (if you can afford it of course). I would repurchase it, but I am going to try a couple of more affordable options first and of course I'll keep you posted on those!

Cherry Culture lip balm: Cherry Culture used to be one of my favourite online shops and I used to order almost once per month, and I received a free lip balm with each order, so let me tell you I'm covered for a long time LOL! The shop is no longer working although they say they will re-open in 2017.

Mavala Eau Emolliente. Cuticle remover. I can't believe I never mentioned this product on my blog before. I swear on this product! It is the only thing that I trust for making my cuticles look perfect (which is terribly difficult because I have such a dry skin) and I've been using it for the past 5 years with excellent results. So if your cuticles are giving you a hard time, I totally recommend this product. 

That was it for last month's empties, have you tried any of these products? What products have you finished up lately?