Not that the resolutions wouldn't be challenging enough by themselves, but I thought it would be nice to imagine some kind of makeup related challenge for this year, since all the challenges I'm usually in are nail art related. So I had an idea and if you'd like to participate you're the most welcome, of course. Keep reading after the jump to find out my resolutions and what the challenge is about!

Let's begin with my beauty resolutions for 2016

My resolutions are quite personal and they all somehow relate to the same problem : my makeup stash is going slightly out of control.

A couple of years ago I had a real problem sticking to a piece of skincare/hair care. I used to have so many half full bottles  I didn't even know where to keep them and I soon ran out of space. Believe it or not, starting to post monthly about my "empty" products has helped me a lot to focus on finishing already opened bottles.

But there is still the makeup problem. I'm always jumping into the next new thing and leaving behind perfectly adorable makeup pieces totally unloved.

While I still manage to use up most of the skincare/hair/body care I buy or get to review, I have way too much makeup which will eventually go to waste after a certain time, and that is just a pity.

Long story short, this year 2016 I will try to fulfill the following resolutions:
  • Not buying makeup unless it is absolutely necessary, let's say I run out of under eye concealer, perish the thought. 
  • Use a maximum of the "older" pieces of makeup before they end up in the bin :-(
  • Diminishing drastically the number of untried nail polishes (that today ascend to 173 !!)
  • Swatch all (or at least most) of my nail polish collection on swatching sticks before the year ends.

These are quite personal resolutions, so you might wonder what do they have to do with the blog? Well, the blog will help a great deal encouraging me to fulfill my resolutions:

First, I am going to give priority to my untried polishes when doing manicures for the nail art challenges I'm in.

Second, I will try to use my older makeup pieces for the makeup looks I post here! As for instance in the series of post "Lippy of the week" I will include some "oldies" (but goldies!) in there.

Last, the main dish:  The Season's makeup Challenge!

I was thinking how could I motivate myself to use more certain pieces of makeup of my stash, and I came up with one idea, which is super simple and you could do it too! At the beginning of a season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) I will choose some pieces of makeup from my stash and post them here. By the end of that season I shall post how well (or not) I've done using them up, and propose new pieces for the following season.

I thought I should be starting by my oldest (but beloved) pieces, because I will have to discard them regardless of how much I have used them :-(

This is a personal challenge, but I'd be the happiest if you decide to join me! The more the merrier, if we are several with the same goal we will certainly encourage each other! Stay tuned for my post on the Season's makeup challenge: Winter.