It's Friday and I'm wearing threes shades of purple on my nails!! how could it get better?!
Today is the 16th week of the 52 Week Challenge and the prompt is "3 shades of Purple + Geometric". Keep reading! there are 40+ other purple designs to discover after the jump!
Purple is among my favourite colours, I love wearing purple accessories and nails, so today's nails are really affecting my mood in the positive way.

As part of my 2016 Beauty & blogging resolutions I am giving priority to untried polishes when doing nail art. My choice for today shall include at least one polish I have never used before, starting if possible with the oldest untrieds. In the pic above you can see: Born Pretty Store Stamping polish #8, Catrice Purple Reign, Essie Virgin Snow. The two first polishes were untrieds, and the Catrice one is so old it's been discontinued :O !!

Keeping things simple I went for a stamping desing using Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP.L006 and Born Pretty Store Stamping polish #8. Gosh, I love this plate! I think it is a must have plate, if you look closely you have Houndstooth, dots, chevrons, plaid pattern, leopard, tiger and zebra patterns, checks, diagonal stripes, stars, geometric, skull, moustaches, bow, ribbon and snowflakes! Every basic nail art design, I mean you could do half of the challenge with only this plate, lol!

If you are a stamping newbie and aren't sure weather to invest or not in loads of stamping plates, or if you just like to style your nails with the most popular designs on the internet, I highly recommend this plate.

Once I have stamped I filled in some triangles using Essie Virgin Snow and cover the whole thing with a coat of clear topcoat (which bubbled on me, yikes). I love that this many is quite discreet seen from afar, it looks like a plain purple manicure, but the close up shows the cool geometric pattern.

What do you think about it? Do you like purple on your nails?

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Life and Stuff
The weeks are starting to pass too fast for my taste, how come it is Friday again? Yesterday I spent most of my day on housekeeping chores -my back hurts a bit-, I decided our living room needs a makeover, but honestly I wouldn't know where to start. We need a TV furniture for sure, I can't stand the sight of cables!! LOL. Anyone else struggling with cables and cords? I wish everything was wireless!!
Wish you a fantastic weekend my lovelies!