Me again, sweeties! Happy Friday!
Every Friday this year I will bring you over 40 Great Nail Art ideas originally designed for the 52 weeks Challenge. So If you plan to do your nails on the weekends, do not miss this post ;-)
Do you like blue nails? Pale blue is so flattering on every skin tone, you just need to pick the shade that suits you best and you are ready to try the following ideas on yourself!

Today in the challenge schedule there is a colour prompt that needs to be paired with a specific technique. For me that was pale blue base with "fluid lines". I have no idea what "fluid lines" should be as a technique, so I decided not to complicate my life (as a new Year's Resolution in fact) and I just stamped some lines that seem quite fluid to my eye, lol.

What you are seeing is a pale blue base using Barry M Sky blue over which I double-stamped an image of the Moyou Sailor collection 10 plate with the polishes Barry M The way you make me teal, and Barry M Blackberry. So it is all Barry M today! I am quite satisfied with the result, I think the manicure looks a little summery, but also a bit op art/popart. What do you think? Do you like it? would you wear something like this?

Do not forget to check the other contributions to this challenge in the inlinkz collection below!

Do you feel a bit lost on which pale blue would suit your skin tone better? please check my suggestions here!

Life and Stuff
We've made it through the first week of Crèche (Daycare) of my little gal who is about to be 8 months old (already!!). Well, I can tell you it hasn't been easy although she's only there three times per week. They keep calling me because "baby cries a lot" :-/ I mean, they call because they know I still am unemployed. What if I had a job? 
Let's talk about weekend plans!! What are you doing this weekend? Weather is ultra shitty here, and my home desperately needs some attention, so I will beg on my knees try to convince my hubby to go to IKEA on Saturday. IKEA is a great source of inspiration, and on a rainy day there's no many options. On Sunday we have a family party at the Abruzzese Circle, hoping to see some friends there and of course our children will have major fun with other children, which is always a good thing if it forecasts a nice evening for parents of exhausted children put early to bed ;-) if you know what I mean. That probably means we'll watch a movie on Sunday evening with the hubby (that unless football gets in the way). In the worst of cases I'll do a nice manicure to show you next week!
What about your weekend? any nice/exiting plans??