Happy New Year my lovelies!!
All my best wishes for this brand new 2016, I hope your year is filled with joy, health, good news and tons of love ♥

Today I have for you a manicure that was due 2 weeks ago (ehemm...) for the 52 Weeks Challenge called  "40 Great Nail Art Ideas", as they say, better late than never!
You know I do not usually do recaps or anything, besides there are more than enough recaps on the blogosphere right now, so I will spare you. I rather look forward than backwards and think of the new year as a fresh blank page ready to be written on. So let's begin to fill it in with this bling-bling manicure I created to celebrate the new Year.

For this manicure I used the fantastic shade Zoya Aggie as a base, from the Collection Flair for Winter 2015-2016 and a bunch of glitter toppers to give exta bling factor: NYX Nail polish Frizzy spots on thumb and ring finger nails, Mavaly Sparkling bronze and H&M Green bluish on pointer, and all of th three on the middle finger.

There are plenty of other suggestions for New Years manicures, of course it doesn't make much of a sense now, but if you're still curious to see them, please visit the pals in the inlinkz below.

Life and Stuff
This year brings many novelties to my personal life, I'm officially in the search of a job, my baby gal started the Crèche this week, and the adaptation period has not been easy so far, but she'll end up getting used to being taken care of by somebody else than mommy. This gives me plenty of time, FREE time??? Oh I wish!! well, the list of things to do is SO FREAKING LONG right now, it is a bit overwhelming. I-don't-know-where-to-start kind of overwhelming. So I started by the beginning and making a list of stuff to do and trying to order them by priority. I need to take care of my health, start some kind of sport, find a job, take care of my house, (so much household tasks have been put aside in the past months!!) and of course take care of my blog which has been awfully neglected lately. My first priority right now is to take care of my health, I need to find a balance between my mind and body, after too many nights of poor sleep, months of lack of exercise, junk food, etc. I am sure that with the right balance in a few weeks I will be full of energy again!!
Next on the list there is a short trip to Argentina with my children to share time with the family (more love and energy to stock up!). It'll be my first time traveling alone with both kids, so it will be kind of a challenge since it is such a long trip (26 hours in total). When we're back I'm positive my next new job will be waiting for me. Oh, I know I'm being a tad too enthusiastic, can't blame me for feeling lucky this year!
On the second half of the year my boy will be starting school, Oh gosh, does time fly? No more kindergarten for him, when did he grew up so fast?! This will be such an exiting year for the whole family!

What about you? What will you be writing on your 2016 blank page? Please don't be shy and share your plans with me in the comments!!