NOTD: 40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Christmas

Hey there!! How are you my sweeties?
All ready and set for Holidays celebration? I have a manicure for the 52 Weeks Nail art challenge and today's prompt is  Christmas of course!

The manicure I did for today screams Christmas, and it is quite simple too. I used a beautiful Christmassy red: Zoya Ember from Flair Collection for Fall Winter 2015 as a base. Then I stamped some pretty snow flakes using gold nail polish Underline iced nails oro, and the stamping plate BPL-032. If you like stamping this manicure is a piece of cake and the result is so pretty and eyecathing, I got a gazillion compliments wearing this mani.

I suppose Red and gold is a bit "cliché" for the season, but that was the idea, hehe. This is a manicure that could work in many other colour combos that would still have the Christmas vibe: red and white of course! plum shade and gold, for instance, white and silver, midnight blue and silver, hunter green and gold, etc.

For many more ideas for a Christmas themed manicure please check the linkup here below!!

Have a wonderful Holiday week and enjoy!!

Life and Stuff
Ok, I did it again, I have neglected the blog. If you could only imagine all the wonderful posts on my mind! I need to talk to you of a wonderful organic skincare line Swiss made, and show you off my Birthday presents, they're absolutely gorgeous. I have some reviews on nail art tools, a project-pan for 2016, A full collection from Zoya all swatch and ready to be published, more swatches, a total revolutionary mynicure system by Zoya to show you! my latest makeup discoveries, some empty bottles, my favourite lipsticks of the week,  and just NOT ENOUGH TIME!  
I have been alone with the children again while my hubby was in South Africa, and it got hectic again. There was the kindergarten festival, custom preparing, song rehearsals, I got a bronchitis in the middle of it all... yeah, a shity couple of weeks and that's what's been holding me from sharing all those pretty news with you. Will I ever catch things up? 



  1. Te han quedado preciosas y muy elegantes!!!

    Un besote

  2. I hope your world gets a little less hectic soon so you can take a chance to stop and breathe! I imagine it must be so hard when your husband is not there and to be so sick on top of it, you really are a strong woman! <3 I love this nail art and I also LOVE that bauble. Such a beautiful manicure for christmas, so perfectly festive :)

  3. Bello amiga , feliz navidad Y prospero 2016.

  4. OMG, that is such a gorgeous mani, Nati! I hope you'll have a brilliant Christmas celebration with family! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. I wish you a lot of strength for all the tough days you have to "survive" and I send you a big hug! :-)
    This stamping plate is really beautiful, I adore snowflakes and they look really festive in your red & golden version! :-)

  6. Love the first picture and the mani is beyond gorgeous. I have the same feelings, not enough time!

  7. Perfect for the holidays! And don't worry about being a bit absent, things can get chaotic, we get that!

  8. Que manicura tan delicada y bonita Natalia, me ha encantado! Feliz Navidad =)
    Un besote

  9. Beautiful. Gold and red are such a festive colors :)

  10. It's such a beautiful manicure ! I really love it !
    It looks amazing and perfect for Christmas time !


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