Hello sunshines! it's me again.
The last week of November I missed the appointment with the Crumpet's Nail Tarts forthe 9th prompt of the 52 weeks Nail Art challenge. I already had the manicure and the pictures but then life happened and couldn't publish them :(
Anyways, here I am in a very cloudy Sunday morning playing catch up with my blog and so ready to show you my manicure with the theme "Cartoons and Comics", although I'm not specially proud of it :-/

Ok, I confess I am a little embarrassed my manicure lacks of creativity, if you scroll down to the linkup you'll find some terrific cartoons and comics inspired manis.

For a themed prompts (rather than a colour prompt) the technique is free, it means you can do whatever you fancy on your nails as long as it respects the theme. I went with stickers (the easy part) and reverse stamping (the not so easy part).

To start with, I painted my nails with Moda Young Polka dots #21, a soft pink shade that applied as evenly and smooth as the finest salon polish. It almost hurt knowing the tiny bottle contains only 3.5 ml, but it costed me somenthing like 50cents! amazing quality for such a cheapy. For the reverse stamping I used Winstonian plate W118, an chose the cute watermelon pattern whic I filled in using H&M Check me out and Essie shake your $$ maker. I then used a few Hello Kitty stickers and applied top coat, that was it!

I hope you have liked my mani and remenber to check the great creations of the rest of the participants!

Life and Stuff
I am late planning Christmas and New Year's eve reunions. Usually by the beginning of December all it's mostly decided except some details, but this year my hubby has been in North America from 21st November until 5th December, and will be leaving to South Africa from 15th December until the 20th. One thing I know, we'll stay in Switzerland for the Holidays. I wanted to host a dinner party with friends on the 24th but I still haven't sent out the invitations! I suppose half of the people have other plans by now :-(  I wouldn't want to spend Christmas eve only with my hubby and the kids because, they sleep early and the evening turns quickly into a melancholic mood I rather avoid this year. I suppose most people spend the occasion with family, but our family is really far, and our friends probably have other plans. Do you have any suggestions or ideas how we could celebrate the occasion without necessarily traveling? My kids are 3 yo and 6 months old. What are you doing for the Holidays season? What do you suggest?