Hi lovelies! Today I have another colour to show you for this Nail polish challenge called "ABC Challenge". Today's choice is a holo. Keep reading to find out!

What is ABC Challenge?
It is a challenge, organized by Helena from Lacky Corner, we are doing with some Facebook fellows who love and collect nail polish and have a lot of colours that have never been tried.The scope of the challenge is to start using those untried nail polishes in alphabetical order! Today is the turn of letter "C".

So today, representing the letter C, I'm showing you Color Club "Cherubic" which is a linear holo nail polish I got a couple of years ago, and it is so freaking gorgeous I keep wondering how come this was among my untrieds!

I've decided that weekends are great for sharing definitions and facts about nail polish, so I can release my inner teacher (but you can totally skip this part, if you want) (don't you dear!! lol) (I'm serious).

What is a "linear holo nail polish"? Holographic polishes contain prismatic shimmer/ glitter. Those prismatic particles "divide" the light, so that the white light beams are divided in multiple colours when going through the prisms, as, say, the drops of rain divide the sunlight forming a rainbow. Hence, the prismatic shimmers in the nail polish when exposed to a strong source of light reflect all the colours of the rainbow! (I'm not a physicist so bare with my weird explanation). A nail polish is defined "linear" when it contains a dense quantity of very fine prismatic shimmer in it, so that the effect results in "lines" of colour on the nails just as rainbows. As opposed to what is called "scattered holo polish", where the shimmer particles are fewer bigger and dispersed (or scattered) giving small punctual flashes of different colours. 
You see? There is SCIENCE in it! So next time someone bothers you about nail polish and/or call you "superficial" you have my permission to rub this in their faces tell them this definition ;-)

This gorgeous linear holo is a nude shade, so it is very office appropriate if you ask me. I painted two coats and the effect under the sun was very strong, I love it. Formulation is perfect, it dries fairly fast, and it is beautiful.

Please, visit  my challenge mates here below for more beautiful nail polish swatches :)

Have a lovely Saturday!!