Happy Friday lovelies!
Two day to go for Valentine's day and it seems the right time to answer THE question every nailista is asking herself right now: what kind of manicure will I wear for Valentine's day? For the 19th issue of the Nail Art Challenge called "40 Great Nail Art Ideas" the prompt is LOVE! Are you ready to enjoy over 40 nail art designs dedicated to LOVE??

This year is (might be) the very first Valentine's day in 18 years that my hubby and I have not planned to go out no a date for V -day. What can I say? Life is hectic lately and we can't find a trustworthy person who would want to take care of our baby while we go out. Ok, I admit my baby is a total pain in the back, but she's also adorable and I love her, so most probably we'll be spending Valentine's day as a family rather than as a couple. Hence there's nothing sexy about my Valentine's this year, but I tried to put forward other aspects of LOVE like sweetness, tenderness, patience and sacrifice.
Here is a manicure to represent that: sweetness and tenderness, nothing intricate, because my time for nails has been reduced to leave more space to me being a mum and that's my little sacrifice. Which is also a way of LOVE!

For this manicure I first painted two coats of  OPI Let me Bayou a Drink (from the upcoming OPI New Orleans collection) and waited for it to dry completely. I then stamped  using Essence Black is back, Moyour Festive collection - 19 which is an stamping plate dedicated to Valentine's day.

I'm sorry the pictures are so dull (again) but it's been raining like it is never going to end, and I couldn't snap better pics.
What do you think of this sweet simple manicure? Is it appropriate for Valentine's Day? Please visit the link-up here below to find many more ideas on V-day nails!!

Life and Stuff
As I've already told you this Valentine's day will be totally different for us, but I suppose we can still make it a good one! Here in Biel February 13th and 14th will be Carnival in the city. I don't think we'll go to the parade because the weather forecast is totally rotten, and we can't stand for hours under the rain and the wind with two small kids. So there's that. What about you? how are you planning to Spend this weekend? will you do something special for V's day? 

Wish you a fantastic weekend my lovelies!