Hello sweeties! How are you? Today we are going to chat 'bout skin care, more specifically about cleansing balm. You know, these days that winter is stubborn and refuses to go away, wind + cold both make a terrible combo on my sensitive skin, suddenly it can't take my usual products for removing my makeup and cleansing my face, but this little lilac jar has been my saviour!
 I got Biotherm Biosource Balm to oil cleanser & makeup remover last summer when it was a novelty but the weather was hot and my skin was in good condition then so I did not pay much attention to it and never got a chance to review it properly. By the end of last year my hormones went crazy and I had acne, skin rashes and breakouts. A disaster I attacked with a series of specific products that left my skin in a terrible state, dryness, irritated patches, and scars. I don't need to mentioned here how the cold, the wind and the heating have contribute to the damage. I needed some real pampering and nourishing to my skin without getting it oily or causing more breakouts. The answer was right in my Bathroom drawer: a solid balm facial cleanser with all the benefits of oil-cleansing without the risk of dripping or spilling oil all over (hello Ms. Clumsiness!).

Biotherm Biosource Balm to oil cleanser & makeup remover has a 3 phase transformation formula, it is solid at room temperature but once warm it melts into a silky oil and then becomes a comforting milk. It claims to be able to remove all kinds of makeup even waterproof and remove urban impurities and sebum. 

Among the ingredients there is olive oil and Life plankton (TM) an ingredient recently developed in cosmetics that has beneficial effect on skin specially anti-oxidant benefits, and anti-inflammatory benefits. (See more about Life plankton on this article).

I warm up a small amount of product with my hands and the balm turns into a light transparent oil, I apply it on my face gently massaging to dissolve makeup and remove impurities. It really gets rid of everything, including waterproof mascara! I then emulsify with water and the oil turns into a white milk of a denser texture, how amazing is that? Finally I rinse thoroughly and my skin feels super clean  but comfortable at the same time.

What I like: 

  • It is as gentle and effective as oil-cleansers but less messy, as it is in solid form.
  • I love this balm for the colder months! It respects my dry skin specially in the winter and it doesn't leave my face feeling tight or dry after using it! :) thumbs up for that.
  • It takes everything away even waterproof eye makeup. 
  • It is super gentle on my VERY sensitive eyes. It doesn't irritates them at all.
  • It has a very light and lovely fragrance that my sensitive skin tolerates without problems. 
  • A little goes a loooong way so this 125 ml jar will easily last me for 4 to 6 months. 

What I don't like:

  • It is a bit difficult to pick up the product with long nails so I need to use a spatula with it.
  • In hot days I feel I need a second cleanser because it seems too rich for my skin those days. So I can't use it all year round. 

I really can't think of other negative things to this product! It is even practical for travelling, because it won't spill or anything. It is also quite affordable at approx. 38 CHF per 125 ml. A total winner in my book, specially indicated for dry/sensitive skin.

Have you tried this or a similar product yer? Let me know your thoughts!