Hello Monday!
Oh, yes it is Monday... again. It is raining... again. But who cares when I have more OPI New Orleans Collection swatches for ya?!!
(insert happy dance here)
If you missed the swatches of the first part of this collection you can click here to see it.
I've already shown you my enthusiasm for this collection when I swatched the first part, which in my opinion has written "Spring" all over reminding me of all kinds of flowers. Today I will be showing you the last 6 shades of the collection, which are in a sense more "edgy"and great for bolder nail art (hein! that's my game).

As per usual I'm showing you all the swatches without basecoat or topcoat, so you can appreciate how each shade behaves on application by itself. However, I always recommend using a basecoat to protect your nails and a topcoat to help your manicure last longer. Please, remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them.

Onto the swatches!

First shade is Got Myself into a Jam-balaya, the description is "mélange of spice and creamy peach". You know for me and my cultural non-English background the color "peach" does not mean a lot. Anyways, I'll set for a bright pink-y peach if that seems ok for you ;-) I simply love this color, it has spring written all over. Formulation is great, allows an even an opaque application in two smooth coats. Gosh is this pretty!

Crawfishin' for a Compliment is described as a light creamy orange. I see a tinge of pink in it, which makes it infinitely more wearable than a pure orange and more suitable for cool and neutral skin tones. This one has also great consistency, easy to apply, perfect in two coats. Seriously, these cremes are just excellent!

Take a right on Bourbon is described as warm metallic pewter. This one is kind of the odd one out in the collection, the only metallic in here. Its consistency is good, it applies thinly but it does not flood the cuticles. It needs three coats to be as opaque as I like it, but probably you could get away with two. Yes, you do see the brushstrokes, it is a METALLIC for gosh sake. I am for one glad it is such a warm shade because they are the only that suit my skin tone, and this will make excellent French tips on any of the creme colors of the collection

I'm sooo Swamped is a lovely shade of medium green that is bold but quite wearable. Although it is not terribly unique, if you don't own a medium green (and if you like green polish or nail art), you can't go wrong with this one! Formula and application are a dream! I applied two effortless buttery coats of this one on my nails and had ZERO cleanup. The brush put the paint exactly where I wanted it. Gorgeous and look at that glossy finish!

Rich girls & po boys, this name cracks me up! LOL The shade is absolutely gorgeous, described as china blue, but unfortunately my camera isn't able to capture its hue correctly. It looks more muted in real life, definitely not as bright as it shows in my pics. I don't own a dupe for it, among my 14 cornflower blue polishes. Same great formula of i'm Sooo Swamped.

Show us your tips is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the star on the Christmas tree. You *need* this to cheer you up until Spring arrives. Nope, I'm not exaggerating. This is a periwinkle shimmer that needs two coats to be fully opaque. The formula is semi-sheer to let the shimmer shine through, and believe you me, that silver and holo fine shimmer will shine through and if you are like me you won't stop staring at your nails while you type, so you may get a little distracted from your work ;-)

I have a really hard time picking up my faves here. I would say Show us your tips is my fave of this second part, and the rest are all equally fantastic. What shades from this collection inspire you the most? Can you think of any dupe for the shades shown here? Would you like me to do a comparison post?

The OPI New Orleans Collection will launch in Switzerland on February 15th 2016, available in classic nail polish and GelColor and with the recommended retail price of 19.90 CHF/bottle (15 ml), you can find your nearest point of sale here: www.opiswiss.ch/wheretobuy.