Happy Friday sweeties!
For the 26th appointment with the 52 Weeks Nail Art Challenge we have a colour prompt which is Violet, one of my favorite shades!  you can enjoy over 40 nail art designs in this feminine shade!
You've probably read about my eternal confusion between turquoise, aqua and teal shades, and how I'm convinced this confusion is due to cultural background differences and how we divide and catalog colors in different languages, yadda yadda yadda. Well, here I am again bringing you yet another existential color confusion question. What is the difference between violet and purple??

In Spanish there are several ways to call the color purple (because there are so many Spanish-speaking countries with so many different ways to call things!). But to my knowledge the litteral translation of "purple" which would be "púrpura" refers to some sort of deep red formerly worn by nobility and royalty. In my home country  all shades between blue and red would be call "Violeta", but in English that is sometimes translated as "violet" and some other times it is translated as "purple". Hence my confusion!!

As my blog is written in English, I will make an effort to settle this issue and for that I decided to choose what Wikipedia publishes in English:

Image source: Wikipedia.org
In the picture above, we can see some shades of purple on the left and some shades of violet on the right. The main difference to my eye is that purple seems more red-based than violet, which makes perfect sense. (Just so that you know, in my mind it was exactly the opposite LOL). But Just to try and adapt to the world, I will from now own refer to violet and purple according to the difference above, that is AFTER this post because obviously I did my research after having painted my nails "purple" instead of "violet" LOL :P

Now that we've settle that discussion I can show you my manicure. Today I was supposed to combine the prompts: Violet + leopard. I love Animal print and I love doing it freehand on my nails. But today, I had no time for freehand anything and I went with a stamping design.

As I explained to you, my way of conceiving color led me to choose OPI I Manicure for beads for this challenge, but now I know that it is definitely considered more a purple than a violet :/

For this manicure I first painted three thin coats of  OPI I Manicure for beads waited for it to dry, placed some half moon vinyl guides and then stamped using Essence stampy black and the Born Pretty store stamping plate BP L006. Finally, I added some details with gold and finish it with top coat. Simple and effective ;)

What do you think of this manicure? Yay or nay?  Do you have the same hard time as me "defining" colors? If yes, which color is most hard for you? For many others violet manicures check the link-up here below.

Have a great weekend!