Hello, sweeties! How are you?
After a long weekend offline with my dearest, it was so hard to come back to sit at the desk and write. It is amazing all we can do while we are offline, I even had the impression the time past slower than usual. Friday was dedicated to the house chores -if you follow me on snapchat you've already seen part of  that "fun". The rest of the weekend we had the most amazing time! We celebrated my daughter's first birthday at home with family and friends, I took the time to prepare all kinds of food to my beloved ones (they seem to like that ;) ). We spent some well deserved time off playing with the children, dancing, singing, laughing, it was great.

Although I haven't missed a bit all the social media (I really cut it all off for four days), as I am eyeing the pile of things to try and review, I get the itch to sit and get things done! 
I'm late to show you the 32nd appointment of the challenge "40 Great nail art ideas" which was about Neon colors. S without any further ado, let's get to it.

My personal prompt to be combined with neon colors was "needle drag". I have done this technique in the past, oddly enough I also tried it with neons! You can take a look at my first try here.

Needle drag technique consists in painting your nail with blobs or stripes of polish of different colours, and drag the colours around the nail with the tip of a needle in order to make some kind of marble patern.

This time, I decided to twist things a bit to avoid cloning my past manicure and also to try something new. Instead of dragging the colors directly on the nail, I decided to create "decals" using my silicon mat from Bundle Monster. I laid down my nail polishes on the mat and worked a marble pattern with a dotting tool. Once the polish was dry, I carefully lifted the decals with tweezers and placed it on two of my nails, and fix them with a coat of Seche vite. Here are the colours I used:
- OPI Push and Pur-pull
- OPI Life gave me lemons
- OPI Hotter than you pink
- OPI Down to the Core-al

I am divided regarding the result. On one hand, I do like the pattern and how it turned out, but on the other hand, none of the colours look really neon. I suppose I should have used a white base on the nails prior to placing the decals. So next time I will try that!

What do you think of these "dry marble" decals? Good idea or not? Would you try something like this or would you prefer the classic "water marble" technique? Let me know your opinion! And do not forget to pay a visit to my challenge pals in the linkup below :)