Hello, lovelies! How are you?  We are having very warm week in Italy and next few days it’s forecasted even warmer! We are visiting the Lago di Garda area, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. We are staying in Sirmione, is a peninsula and I promise the landscape is breathtaking, just a few hundreds of meters from one coast to the other, and you can see the sunrising from the lake and the sun setting on the water, it is so beautiful. I’ll be showing you bits and pieces by Snapchat, so be sure to add me! (@polishdpolyglot)
Today I’d like to talk you about a product I’ve been testing for a while now and I find awesome, is the glamourous version of L’oréal Profession Mythic Oil with golden shimmer! Keep reading after the jump to find out more.

The Mythic Oil is not a new product, in fact, it is a big favourite of many people, but I’ve never tested it before. Hence, I was very excited when Coolbrandz sent me one for trying it out, thank you!
This is a leave-in professional oil with a golden shimmering veil that can be used both on hair and body with the most sublime fragrance an oil can have. Whenever I wear this I receive a lot of compliments and my husband loves the smell!

It is advised to apply it only to the ends of the hair to illuminate and release its fragrance, or to gently massage into the skin for a smooth satiny finish.

I’ve tried it on my hair and was very light handed, I loved its fragrance –I honestly couldn’t stop taking my hair near my nose- it feels a bit heavy, but as I have thick dry-ish hair, it doesn’t feels greasy or weighs down my hair’s volume. But I can imagine very thin hair can be weigh down with this oil.

My favourite part is this as body oil. OH BOY! It is moisturizing without being greasy and it leaves the skin so smooth and luminous! I’m in love! ♥_♥ I can’t imagine a better moment of the year to sport this shimmery oil than Summer evening on a freshly tanned skin it looks simply gorgeous. So you’ve guessed right, so far the L’oréal Professional Mythic Oil has been my skin best friend during this vacation

Have you tried the Mythic Oil? What about its shimmery version? Are you fond of shimmering bronzed skin for summer holidays?