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You know how I like doing nail art, right? I especially like doing stamping and gradients, because they look so pretty! But the process of creating a nice design can be quite tricky sometimes resulting in cuticles covered with multicolour polishes, let's not even start talking of glitter! Things can get very messy! In those cases, there is a further necessary step which is cleanup. Cleanup is a pain...  (insert massive eyes-roll here). Seriously, cuticles get stained, acetone dries out your skin, and you risk damaging your design too. Then it comes handy to have the new Peel off liquid latex by Born Pretty Store!*

I've already presented here a similar product last year (see review here). That product wasn't bad but with the repeated uses I got to discover it was not ideal for very long in making and heavy nail art. The latex film would tear in threads and take forever to remove. Then it kind of defeats the whole purpose of a liquid latex barrier. 

But all that changes with this new and improved sky blue formula! The latex in this new formulation is more resistant, it can take working on several layers without having to take it off your cuticles and re-apply for every layer of your nail art (if you do let's say first a gradient and then a stamping). That is because this latex does not overdry with time. And it can be removed in one single piece totally effortlessly!
There are two downsides to this little one, though. One is that the smell is really not nice. At all. Upon application, it smells a little like the latex based glue for the false lashes, if you know what I mean. Good thing is that once dried the smell is not longer noticeable. One other thing that may worry very prolific nail artists is that it only contains 6ml. While a very little amount is needed for each application, if you do nail art very frequently and also on others than yourself, this will not last very long. Good news is the bottle is on offer for 1.99USD! So you better stock up on it quickly!

I'm very glad Born Pretty store sent me this sample for my honest review, because after trying several similar products, I think I finally found one that works perfectly for me.

It is very simple to use:

Apply it to the cuticles and all the surrounding skin you want to protect. You then allow it to dry. It dries very fast, in about 15-30 seconds, depending on how thickly you applied it. Once it dries, you can proceed with your nail art. I did a layered stamping.

For this review, I stamped five subsequent times with different colours for creating a scene with depth on my nails (that you will see later in August for the 40 Great nail Art Ideas challenge! ;). I only applied the liquid latex to my ring, middle and index fingers, but I stamped on all my nails. I did this to show you how much of a difference it makes on the fingers I haven't used it.

Finally peel the liquid tape off and tadaaa! clean cuticles! Well, except on the fingers where I didn't apply the liquid latex :(

This is the most practical cuticle barrier I've tried so far (and believe me I've tried a few) which is also very affordable! The blue Born Pretty Peel off liquid latex contains 6ml and currently retails for 1.99 USD down from 3.89 USD at Born pretty store. Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

What do  you think of this product? would you use a product like this at home? Have you already tried a similar one? Let me know everything!!


*Press sample. The opinions expressed are exclusively my own.