Hello sweeties! Happy Hump day!
This shouldn't be a long post because it is meant to be a RAVE about my latest additions to my brush stash I bought in June. But you know every time I say "this will be a short post" I end up rambling endlessly, hahaha!
I have already shown all the brushes I own here, that is an old post, but my stash hasn't change really since then, I have only replaced a couple of brushes I use the most. So, today I am only going to introduce here the three new brushes I got from Wayne Goss and how I prefer to use them.

Wayne Goss #10 Large stippling brush

When the first Wayne Goss brush set went on the market in 2013, it included a stippling brush, #01, that I personally found very small for foundation. I decided to pass on buying the whole set (which retailed for 240 USD at that time, but has gotten a bit lower now) because, honestly, I couldn't afford it and it seemed I wouldn't have much use for the face brushes. Later on, (it was for Holyday 2013) the brushes started being sold individually and I got four eye brushes but still skipped the face brushes #01 and #02.

I'm so glad I skipped #01 then! Because I am so happy now with #10. This is a large stippling brush made with goat hair, which is basically a larger version of #01. It is the SOFTEST goat hair brush I've ever seen. Honestly, I can't even understand how a goat brush can be this soft.

The #10 Is meant for the application of liquid and cream foundations, and It works so well at blending that it actually made me love some foundation I didn't like at the beginning. YES, stippling brushes are not recommended for dry skin gals like ME because the buffing motion causes micro-exfoliation. But this brush is so soft and gentle that it does not even move my skin. 
It literally blends the product without me even feeling it. The main reason I love this brush is because it allows me to apply foundation and blend it perfectly without moving the colour correctors or products I've applied before. 

Of course, the quality is the highest expected from a brush of this price. It doesn't get stained, it doesn't shed and it recovers its shape after every wash. It's totally worth the price.
I got it from Beautylish.com and paid 53 USD for it.

Wayne goss #02 brush

I used to have a tapered highlighter brush from Sigma, it was number F35, that I used for setting with powder my under eye concealer. That one had seen better days and it was time to replace it. I hesitated a lot whether I should get the same brush, because, in total honesty, I did not love it. It did the job, but it was scratchy and it shed quite a bit. So I went crazy and decided to get Wayne Goss #02 (which came out with the original set, and everyone who tried it raved about). So I had quite high expectations.

Let me tell you, my expectations were nothing compare to the way this brush actually performs. It has a very similar shape and density to the Sigma F35 I was using but it is ANOTHER WORLD. It is so soft, I barely feel it on the skin. It has completely changed the results of my makeup, it never drags my base or concealer, even when I use it carefree. I do not only use it for setting my undereye area, I also use it for highlighting and even for blush and bronzer. It picks up product extremely well, while I used to struggle with the Sigma one.

Again, the quality is the best. It is made of blue squirrel hair, it doesn't get stained, it doesn't shed and it recovers its shape after every wash.
I got it from Beautylish.com and paid 35 USD for it.

Wayne Goss The Air Brush

This was the first reason why I wanted to place the order at Beautylish.com. Now I get all babbly, but I need to set the context. Ok, so I like to apply a soft contouring. I don't want Kim K contouring, I have a rounded face, I just want subtly adding a bit of dimension with powder bronzer. That's all. I've been trying to achieve the buffing technique, and none of my brushes was working. All of my brushes were either too dense or too thin, not flexible enough or too chunky and ended up moving all my makeup, it was a mess. I saw a few tutorials on this brush and decided that I needed this in my life.

I am so glad I got it! This brush has totally transformed the way I apply makeup today, to the point that sometimes I only use this brush for my whole face. I apply bronzer, highlighter, blush, setting powder, it is so soft and it feels so luxurious on the skin I just don't want to let it go.
I think because of the bristles quality, the brush has the property of not adhering the product to the bristles. I usually fear to apply different products with the same brush. But this is so incredibly it allows me to do it, I just wipe the brush with a paper towel in between products and voilà!

The Air Brush has a tapered shape but is flat instead of round. This gives you more precision and it picks up product a bit differently than a round brush. If you ownWayne Goss eye brush #06, this is very similar in a large scale adapted for the face.

Again, the quality is the highest, also made of blue squirrel hair, it doesn't get stained, it doesn't shed and it recovers its shape after every wash.
I got it from Beautylish.com and paid 35 USD for it.

You may want to know that you probably don't need to own both the #02 and The Air Brush. The uses you can give to both brushes are very, very similar, so, unless you are a professional makeup artist, owning both it is definitely a luxury. The main difference is about the results you can get with each one. The Air brush can give you more precision for contouring, as its shape is flat, on the other hand, #02 can be used in a rolling motion because of its tapered shape. So those are the slight differences.

Now a note that might interest my dear Swiss friends, as these brushes are only available on Beautylish.com, and that is overseas, so you fear to pay duty fees which here in Switzerland are completely INSANE. I had the same fear, BUT you should know Beautylish.com takes care of all the customs procedures. You have to pay a little higher amount for the delivery than you would normally do. But then the parcel goes straight to your door because it will be labelled "custom fees paid". I, for instance, got these three brushes which amounted to 123 USD. As the shop offers free shipping on orders over 100 USD I only had to pay 12.64 USD for duty fees. So in total, I paid 135.64 and got the brushes at my doorstep.

I hope this review has been helpful for you! So Do you own any luxurious makeup brush? What do you think of more expensive makeup tools? Are they worthy? Please, don't hesitate to comment!