Skin care -  After-summer skin renewal with Collistar

Welcome, September!
Yep, the end of Summer is approaching. I don't know about you, but I for one start stocking up sunscreens around May, and by the beginning of September I start thinking about my after-summer routine. The skin is exposed to so many aggressions during summer, especially if we spend lots of time outdoors that I like doing a special routine to give my skin a bit of a "recovery treatment" just after summer. Today I will show you what I have been testing for my after-summer pampering routine. I'm very excited to write this post because it is about a brand I've never tried before and it really impressed me. Shall we take a closer look?

Earlier this summer I was contacted by for a collab and they let me choose a few items from their range to test and review for you. I did not hesitate in accepting, as I am always happy to discover new products. is a premium outlet perfumery with hundreds of brands. Of course, they don't only sell a huge variety of perfume brands, they also carry skin care and makeup at super competitive prices for the Swiss market. Just a paradise for the beauty junkies like me ♥_♥

Browsing the online shop is easy as you can filter the items by brand, by type of product or even by price range to find what you are looking for. I decided to browse the face skin care and then filter by brand. I promise myself to choose something I have never tried before and Collistar immediately called my attention. Let me show you what I got!

Collistar Eye contour and Lips Supernourishing Lifting Cream*

Collistar Eye contour and Lips Supernourishing Lifting Cream

The claims

Collistar has several lines within its skincare range, one being "Special Anti-age Line". When I saw this anti-age product that could multi-task for eye contour and lips, I did not think twice and put it in my basket.  I don't know about you, but for me, the eyes and lips are those delicate areas that show the most the signs of ageing. After squinting for most of the summer, I feel those areas are which need the most TLC.

Collistar's cream promises to smooth out fine lines with an immediate "lifting effect", as well as ensuring intensive nourishment and moisturization. As a result, it would increase the tone and suppleness of tissues, reduce bags and dark circles.

The formula is also completed with a UV-A and UV-B filter and a special soy-derived ingredient that attenuates bags and dark circles.

It honestly sounded too good to be true!

Collistar Eye contour and Lips Supernourishing Lifting Cream

My experience
This Collistar eyes and lips cream comes in a jar of 15ml. It is not my favourite kind of container, but it does have a double cap and it comes with a spatula, which is the best way to pick up product from a jar.

The cream feels very lightweight and only a very small amount is enough for both eyes and lips. So, the jar is going to last me for quite a long time. Upon application, I immediately feel the hydrating effect, which is kind of refreshing, and very pleasant. It is absorbed fairly quick by the skin and although it is emollient, it doesn't leave any greasy feeling. After a few minutes of application my skin feels very smooth and silky. The cream does contain fragrance, which, so far it has not disturbed my very sensitive eyes but obviously I would prefer was not there.

I apply the cream to my eye contour and my lips in the morning and in the evening. I notice it does a great job giving me an immediate hydration and a less tired appearance around the eyes. Fortunately for my, but unfortunately for this review, I do not have undereye bags, so I can't say whether this would work or not for that problem. But I do have a bit of discoloration under my eyes and I find it has diminish with this product. 

I have been using this cream for the past two weeks and I definitely see an improvement on the skin around the eyes, my eye contour looks definitely brighter, and the skin shows definitely distended, so that the lines are less evident, although they are still there. I don't have particular issues on my lips, besides that they tend to be very dry. I wasn't particularly impressed by this cream as a lip moisturiser, as its effect is not very long lasting and a few hours later I need to apply lip balm. BUT I do notice the skin of my lips has more elasticity and do look smoother than it did before.

I would definitely recommend this cream, although is not working huge miracles, it has actually improved my skin in only two weeks, and that's pretty awesome for me.You can find the Collistar Eye Contour and lips supernourishing Lifting Cream at where it retails for CHF 44.50

Collistar Rehydrating Soothing Mask*

Collistar Rehydrating Soothing Mask

The claims

This Rehydrating Soothing mask belongs to Collistar special range for sensitive skin which does not contain parabens, fragrance, alcohol, soaps, chemical emulsifiers and it is nickel controlled. The mask is perfect both as a quick-fix solution or as a regular treatment. It assures instant soothing and anti-redness effect leaving the skin more toned, fresh and radiant while deeply moisturising and gradually balancing and revitalising the skin.
The instruction advice to apply to the face and neck, leave-in for 5-10 minutes and remove with damp cotton wool or a cosmetic sponge.

Collistar Rehydrating Soothing Mask

My experience
The Rehydrating and Soothing Mask comes in a 30ml tube (my favourite kind of packaging! thumbs up!). I have used it 5 times in the past two weeks. I applied a teaspoon of product and spread it on my face and neck. The mask feels lightweight as you spread it, the texture is like that of a thick cream. But as the product sinks in the skin, what remains on the skin feels very oily. As I remove the excess with a damped cotton ball, my skin feels very soft and rehydrated, not greasy or tacky at al. I find the mask does an excellent job soothing my skin and taking care of my dry patches!

Collistar Rehydrating Soothing Mask

Collistar Rehydrating Soothing Mask

I have really loved this mask and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that would need a little moisture pump up, even for those with sensitive skin. This  Collistar Rehydrating soothing mask can be found at where it retails for CHF 23.25

Collistar Glycolic Acid Perfect Skin Peeling*

Collistar Glycolic Acid Perfect Skin Peeling

The claims

Not very long ago Collistar launched a new line called PURE ACTIVES carrying precious active ingredients used in cosmetic medicine, made available in their purest form. This is such an interesting concept, they have Hyaluronic acid, Omega-3 + Omega-6 face oil, pure collagen, Vitamin A+C+A and the one I picked up Pure Glycolic Acid.

The Collistar Glycolic Acid has a daily peeling effect that promises smoother skin, brighter complexion, improving the aspect of wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes, refine and even out the skin tone, and it is adviced to follow the treatment for four weeks to obtain these results.

The list of ingredients is, indeed, impressively short. The 10 ingredients chosen are suppose to deliver an effective, gradual non-aggressive peeling which renews the skin and helps restore it to perfection.

Although it is a mild product there some important warning: you should avoid sun exposure (or tanning lamps) during the whole treatment and the following week (That is why in my opinion after summer is the best moment to start!). You shouldn't use it on irritated or broken skin as it will burn and may irritate further (I wouldn't recommend it for active acne skin). Also, it is not suitable for skin with rosacea.

It is not very usual to see this kind of product in the pharmacy brands as Collistar, so as soon as I saw it, I jumped in the occasion.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Perfect Skin Peeling

My experience
A few days ago, I was briefly conversing with the lovely Anne from Lind Libra Loca about how the brightening skincare routine I followed for several weeks at the very beginning of summer didn't have the results I expected. She is a physician, and an exprert cosmetic consumer and reviewer, so her opinion matters greatly to me. She mentioned to try products with glycolic acid for renewing the skin, and I started my research.

In total honesty, glycolic acid peels terrify me. I have never done one, but my skin is already sensitive to a bunch of acids usually present in regular skin care, so I would never had gone for a one time chemical peel in a salon. Yes, I'm not a brave gal, you got it. So this Collistar product seemed like a perfect thing for me.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Perfect Skin Peeling

The product has a very lightweight consistency, like a liquidy serum. It tends to emulsify very easily, thus, the bubbles you can see in the picture. 

The alpha hydroxy acid frees the skin from dead cells, that leaves the skin a little more vulnerable to sun damage. That is why I only apply this product in the evening,leave over night without applying any other oil, serum, cream or anything. Then I very gently cleanse my face in the morning and apply my regular morning routine. I have also been carefull to regularly and religiously put SPF50 on my face and wear a hat, as we are still having very sunny weather.

I started applying 3 drops to my face, and gradually increased up to 5 drops, which is what I apply now. It doesn't stings or burn, but with the repeated use I do have the sensation my skin has gotten more sensitive, so I am being extra careful with it. Using the hydrating soothing mask above has helped a lot!

After only two weeks using this product daily I can say that I am so very impressed! My skin was in quite a good condition already, because of the products I've been using lately, so I wasn't expecting something noticeable. Instead, my skin looks definitly firmer, plumpier, incredibly smooth to the touch, my pores look so tiny!! The complexion is definitely looking brighter and my hyperpigmentation has lighten a bit. it is still visible, but less so, that I'm barely using any concealer and foundation is enough to cover it up.

Collistar Glycolic Acid Perfect Skin Peeling

Bare in mind that this is a one-time treatment of four weeks, which means this cannot be a product you can keep in your routine forever! But I guess doing it twice per year will keep my skin in great condition. I definitely recommend this treatment to anyone seeking for a skin renewal. You can find Collistar Glycolic Acid Perfect Skin at where it retails for CHF 39.50


I hope all this information and my personal experience could help! Do you have an after-summer skin pampering in mind?

Stay tuned! Tomorrow is nail art time, and I am pretty happy with the nails I did :) Stay safe!

*Press samples. The opinions in this article are unbiased, 100% my own, based on my own experience using the products.