Hi Sweeties! How are you?
I've had a hectic end to my week and couldn't post my articles as expected :( I'll try to make it up to you by presenting you my manicure for the 44th appointment to the 40 Great nail art ideas Challenge! I can't believe  I've made it to not missing one single manicure for this long, long challenge! Let's see what was the prompt for today, shall we?

Today's prompt was "yellow and silver" and my personal technique was "roses". As I had very little time and couldn't embark in any intricated hand painting, I took the easy path... oh you know this one right? Stamping!! Of course.

I painted my nails with the beautiful Cuccio Colour Out of this world Holo silver glitter, that I've shown you here. I waited for it to dry and stamped using Bundle Monster #323 stamping plate and MoYou London Bahamas Punch yellow stamping polish. It is my first time using nail polish from MoYou London, and I was very excited, the polish stamps flawlessly!

That was my quick contribution to the challenge today, I wish you a wonderful Saturday, and see you tomorrow with some cute stationary and the blog planning for next week!