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Hello, my lovelies! Bonjour!
July was an amazing summer month, but strangely unusual for my family. This is the first time that we take a vacation on July, we usually do it in June or August. July was mostly sunny and hot, ideal for a vacation! So here are my empty bottles for the last month, let's chat about what was in there!

In this post you would expect to find a tonne of empty shower gel and sun protection tubes, instead... not even one. We spent most of the month sick and most of our holiday napping in an air conditioned room that was too small for the four of us. We even postponed our departure of a day, because my son had terrible diarrhea. I got bronchitis and coughed my lungs off for about two weeks. My baby gal had a high temperature for several days and some kind of virus attacked my son's muscles and scared the hell outta us when he couldn't walk two steps without falling to the floor! I tell you, I've never been so scared he could've got some nasty illness in my life! We dieted for most of the holidays, and I spent most of my time washing and cleaning little (and no so little) mishaps. What can you do?
Things happen and when someone asks me about my vacation, I just fake a smile and answer "we had such a great time"! Uff, ok, it's out of my system! Let's move on and take a look at empty tubes and bottles and see what will be repurchased! Ready?

YSL Fusion ink foundation: This foundation is my Holy Grail. I have written a full review with photos here. I was super impressed when I first got it, and my opinion has not changed. It is still my number one. I still try and test other foundations, because I'm a curious cat and the blog gives me the perfect excuse to explore new stuff. But, I can't fool myself, no matter how many other foundations I try, I always come back to this one. Based on my experience I totally recommend it!! (Beware foundations success depends a lot on each person's skin so always try a foundation before purchasing) I will repurchase it for sure!

Clarins Extra-comfort Toning Lotion: With Aloe vera and alcohol-freeI know many people do not bother with toners, but for me is a step my skin requires before applying my serums and creams.This toner is a touch of gentleness after removing makeup and cleansing, it does not irritate my skin, and it is even a little hydrating, ideal for my dry skin. All the mild toners from Clarins are great in my opinion, my favourites being this one and the one with Camille. If you like alcohol-free toners, I recommend you to try one of this brand.

Clarins Gentle foaming Cleanser with cottonseed: This foaming cleanser was endless! I can't even remember when I first opened it! I think I used it for over 6 months. It is gentle but it cleanses the skin deeply. It lathers abundantly, only a very tiny amount is enough to wash the face, hence the 125ml tube seems to last forever. It leaves my skin super clean but slightly tight, a bit unconfortable. I usually use it in the morning and it is a bit too much for my dry skin. For that reason, I will not repurchase it. But I would definitely recommend it to someone with combination skias a morning or second cleanser!

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub: It is not the first time I'm going to rave about this scrub, since this one came out I've repurchased a few times (I already talk here about it). I think it is the ideal scrub to transition my skin from winter to summer. It gets rid of all the old dry skin and leaves it feeling glorious to the touch. It also smells divine! I am now trying some other scrubs but I will definitely repurchase this one next winter and I highly recommend it.

Well, there were my empties, not so many! Don't be fooled I have endless half emptied bottles and tubes and I already fear next month's post boring you to death, haha. What about you? What products have you finished lately? Are you familiar with any of the products of my list? Don't be shy and let me know your opinion in the comments!