The face shop - Face mask with honey extract

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Last month I started this section to chat with you about Korean beauty products and today I would like to share with you another facial mask I've tried and loved! This is The Face Shop - Face mask with Honey extract, kindly sent to me by the lovely Jodethe, owner of  BoOonBox online store.

I have already tested the Innisfree Green Tea mask and the Etude House Collagen facial mask, you can find my opinion on both of them here.

The face shop - Face mask with honey extract

Moisturizing (very clearly stated at several places on the package)

All the info is translated in English AND in French, so thumbs up for that!!

The face shop - Face mask with honey extract

Mask shape and application
The mask is larger by 1cm than the other masks, it adapts better to the face thanks to several fents and the tissue is definitely very soft and pleasant to touch. I'd say it is a better quality than the other two. However, the holes for the eyes are definetely too small, to the point of being annoying, I just had to grab a pair of scissors and make them a bit larger.

The face shop - Face mask with honey extract

It contains honey extract, of course, but also Alcohol, silicone and fragrance (this at the very end of the list).

Personal Experience
I found the serum sinks in much quicker than the other two masks I've tried (may be thanks to the alcohol in it?). After removal of the mask, at first the skin feels a bit tacky, but after 15 minutes the skin is perfectly smooth, feeling softer and very hydrated. I really loved my skin when I woke up the next morning! It felt soft and hydrated, a bit plumper and brighter and it did not shine a bit.
This one is my favourite of the bunch and definitely a keeper, I would also recommend it, despite struggling with the shape it is really worthy.

The Face Shop - Face mask with Honey extract is available at BoOonBox online store and retails for 2.30 CHF.

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend! I have already planned my blogging week, and it'll be quite a busy one! Tomorrow, I will recap the products I've finished on July, while on Thursday I will present you a new makeup look. Finally, on Friday, another nail art design for the 40 Great nail art ideas challenge!

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