Vichy Slow Age day skin care

I wouldn't mind getting old if I would age like J-Lo. I love that woman! She looks so young and beautiful!
Alas, I'm not one of those people you couldn't guess their age, as in the past four years my face has taken eight, at least! You can see by yourselves, go check my pictures in the archives, two years ago I looked five years younger than now.
Don't tell me it's not possible because ageing is not about maths! Maths has nothing to do here, ageing is about free radicals, sun damage, stress, hormones and pollution. I tell you, today's world is like a fast lane of ageing! Luckily for us, Vichy came up with a way to help our skin slow down the ageing process with their revolutionary Slow Âge skin care. The new Vichy treatment will launch in September and I had the chance to test it for you!

Vichy Slow Age day skin care

I was very excited to test this Vichy product -you know me, you know skin care excites this gal- but I was also a tad sceptical, as usual with anti-ageing products. But Vichy is not making miracle promises, their whole concept is very cool because what they propose is actually only logical and totally doable. Slow down the ageing process by starting using the right products at an early age. They recommend starting at 25, but of course, you can start at a later age. You might now be wondering "what is so special about this cream?"

Vichy Slow Âge day cream contains three active ingredients with anti-ageing properties:
baicalin root as antioxidant, probiotic bifidus to reinforce skin defenses and Vichy’s thermal water. If you are like me and have no idea of what Baicalin root is, I'm including here below a very informative video I borrowed from Coolbrandz website. The baicalin root -also known as golden root- is a plant that grows and flourishes under the most extreme weather conditions, researchers found that those special properties which make the plant survive the harsh climate are actually beneficial for our skin.

Does it really work? My experience.

I got a 30ml bottle sample to try, which arrived home while I was on vacation, so I've been only using this cream for the past two weeks. The packaging I got -which you see in the pictures- is not the definitive one, but don't let that fool you, the product inside is the same. The definitive packaging will look something like so:

Vichy Slow Age day skin care
How the actual packaging will look like

The cream has SPF25 that's why I only apply it in the mornings and I prefer not to use it at night. The cream is slightly scented. The fragrance is very pleasant, it reminds me of a soft cologne my mum used to wear when I was a child, and for that I love it ^^, but if you don't like scented skincare you must bear that in mind. The cream is lightweight and feels very hydrating. It sinks in fairly quickly without leaving a white cast and without feeling oily at all.

Vichy Slow Age day skin care

Upon the first application, my impression was totally positive. My skin felt really smooth and comfortable  throughout the whole day, which is very good indeed considering I have slightly dry skin. But what really wowed me was how INCREDIBLY NICE my makeup looked and felt over it. This cream is an awesome primer for my skin.

After using it for two weeks I can see some improvements in the general state of my skin, which looks definitely brighter, plumper and my pores are less evident. I don't notice any improvement regarding fine lines or expression lines. I suppose I need to use it a bit longer to judge that aspect, but I'm definitely enthusiastic to see how it will perform in the next few weeks (stay tuned for the updates!).

You can purchese Vichy Slow Age day skin care here.

What do you think about the "ageing prevention" concept? Do use any specific anti ageing skin care product? Would this cream interest you? Please, do't be shy and let me know your opinion in the comments!


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