Makeup │ I've tested Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue [Review]

Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue Review

Hello, sweeties! How are you?
It was kind of an unusual day yesterday because my boy stayed at home with me. He started school on Monday and on his second day... he broke his arm!! He got a brand new blue cast and the recommendation to stay quiet. The poor thing is so disappointed he cannot play with the other children the way he'd like to (the wild way, that is, LOL).

But, that's not what I had planned for today! Today I wanted to chat with you about False Eyelashes. I think that is definitely a trend we can no longer ignore. Whether you like it or not, falsies have taken their place in many daily beauty routines. I have tried an awesome pair of Red Cherry lashes and glue and I want to share my opinion about them with you.

False eyelashes have quite a long story in makeup. There is practically no 1960's movie to be found without a girl wearing falsies. Their popularity back then was huge! The trend later declined, until the recent years when wearing false eyelashes became popular again. 

I am not a huge fan of false eyelashes, for two reasons: my eyes are small and very sensitive. Most falsies will look exaggerated on me, to the point of touching my eyebrows when I open the eyes, not the most comfortable thing there is. Moreover, latex based glue makes my sensitive eyes look red and teary, defeating the whole beautifying purpose of the lashes!

But a few weeks ago, going through the House of Makeup Switzerland web shop, I decided to pick a brand I never used before, test it and share my opinions with you: these are the Red Cherry eyelashes...

Red Cherry Eyelash Brush Adhesive*

Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue Review

I'm not a total newbie to the eyelashes waggon, in fact, I've tried a bit of everything from single eyelashes to artistic eccentric lashes with rhinestones and coloured feathers. But I wouldn't say I am an expert on the matter, I am more like an explorer. That is why, when browsing the Red cherry range  this latex free glue immediately caught my attention. It would be a game changer for me, considering regular glues with latex don't get along too well with my sensitive eyes.

Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue Review

I am so happy I picked this one! First of all, its packaging and applicator are very nice. It has a wand with a tiny pointy brush tip. This is so good comparing to what I was used to using (a tiny tube that gets all gross at the first application and you have absolutely no control of the quantity you put on!). You can also find a short and useful guide to applying false eyelashes on the side of the packaging.

Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue Review

As I said, the glue is latex free, but also Paraben-free and formaldehyde-free. It doesn't irritate my eyes or sensitise them in any way, and it comes off easily with a biphase makeup remover. Besides the gentle formulation, the product is also labelled Cruelty-free! More thumbs up :)

Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue Review

Thirdly, as there is no latex, the glue does not smell gross. Although it has a slight smell of glue, it's hardly perceptible and vanishes as soon as the glue sets, unlike the latex based glues that smell like rotten fish.

Finally and most important, it really holds the lashes in place flawlessly. The glue is white but it turns clear when it dries. Of course, the formula is water based so it wouldn't resist you taking a shower with the lashes on, but you can confidently cry watching a good movie and be sure they won't come out ;)

Overall, a very nice product, gentle with sensitive eyes, easy to apply and his glue has not irritated or sensitized my eyes, it held my lashes in place flawlessly until I decided to remove it and it was fairly easy to remove. I can find one single con, so this is definitely a keeper and one I would totally recommend.

You can get the Red Cherry Eyelash Brush adhesive for 7.95 CHF at House of Makeup

Red Cherry Eyelashes #747 M*

Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue Review

I don't know if the House of Makeup carries the whole Red Cherry range, but there are so many different lashes to choose from I had a hard time choosing mine. When choosing eyelashes shape you should have in mind what your desired look is. I wanted my eyes to look slightly bigger, more opened, so I went for the #747 M which has the longer lashes in the middle of the arch, so that will give the illusion of more rounded bigger Bambi eyes ;)

The lashes are Cruelty-free too, made out of human hair. The little bunches have knots mounted on a clear strip that is very flexible and adapts very well to the shape of the eye. So you don't have to fear one of the corners of your lashes suddenly popping off. I love these lashes are so flexible and feathery, they feel and look very lightweight and natural.

Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue Review

They were too long for my eyes, so I trimmed them a bit. This is actually good, because, as I've mentioned, my eyes are small, so if your eyes are bigger than mine, don't be afraid, the lashes will certainly be long enough for you. 

It was so easy to apply these lashes with this glue, I was in awe. It took me literally 2 minutes to apply them to both my eyes! I purposely chose not to use mascara on top of them. I usually chose smaller and shorter falsies for me, but I wanted to be sure to get a BAM effect, so when I put these on, I felt they were "too much". However, I think I was the only one to perceive it this way as nobody else seemed to notice I had the lashes on! Even my hubby did not notice. I went close to him, very close and told him "look!" he went like "look at what?" I said don't you see anything?" and he went "oh, yes, great eyeshadow!!" LOL , Seriously, don't you see anything DIFFERENT? And he goes like... "mmm, I don't know!". So, a bit disappointing my hubby does not pay attention to detail, but kind of cool the lashes look so natural!! You can judge by yourselves by looking at the pics below.

I've tested Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue
Left without False lashes. Right with Red Cherry eyelashes

I've tested Red Cherry Eyelashes and Latex-free glue
Left without False lashes. Right with Red Cherry eyelashes

You can get any pair of Red Cherry lashes for 4.95 CHF at House of Makeup which is a great price in my opinion.

I hope you liked this review. Now is your turn! Do you wear false eyelashes? How often? Do you find application easy or hard? What other brands do you use? Have you tried latex free glues? Tell my everything!!!!


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