Aug 19, 2016

Nail art │Designs for short nails: Orange saran wrap

Nail art designs for short nails Orange saran wrap

Happy Friday sweeties! How are you?
You must have read about our hectic vacations here, if you have, you won't be surprised to know practically all of my nails broke during vacation and they still have not recovered. I had all my manicures done in advance until last Friday, so that is why you've been seeing my long nails on last weeks' pictures. But in reality, I haven't been painting my nails for about 4 weeks, trying to let them get a bit stronger. So I though this could be the ideal time to prepare for you a series of posts about short nails!

Today I'm presenting to you one nail art design that in my opinion works best with short nails, which is also my manicure for the 44th appointment to the 40 Great nail art ideas Challenge. Please keep reading to find out how to do this design!

Nail art designs for short nails Orange saran wrap

Today's prompt for the challenge was "orange" and my personal technique was "saran wrap". 
Yes I know, me neither. It results that "Saran Wrap" is an American brand of plastic foil roll, cling film or plastic wrap, as you prefer. I didn't know that in the beginning, but now this brand has become the name of the nail art technique itself! How crazy is that?? Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, I did some stamping too. Of course.

Nail art designs for short nails Orange saran wrap

When it comes to very hot eye-catching polish colours, as orange, I definitely prefer them in shorter nails. Don't ask me why, I just feel short nails are youthful and fun, while long nails can also be more sophisticated. Ok, maybe this is only in my mind, LOL! Anyways, I am here to show you short nails are also a great canvas for nail art and sassy colours!

How to "Saran Wrap" your nails

WARNING: it WILL get a bit messy, so I recommend using something to protect your cuticles like the Born Pretty Store peel off latex pallisade, for instance.

I started with a clear base coat, but it can also be done over a solid colour. Just make sure it is dry before you start. It is best to work one nail at the time. I applied a few blobs of polish on my nail with three shades of orange (you can vary the colours as you wish but I find at least three different colours are needed for this technique). Then, I took a square of plastic wrap (a thin freezer plastic bag would work too) and smooshed my blobs directly on the nail. If I didn't like the effect, I applied one or two more blobs and smoshed again until I was happy with the result. I let it dry and apply topcoat.

Nail art designs for short nails Orange saran wrap

If you use harmonious shades, Saran wrap technique is beautiful on its own. But it is also a wonderful way to create a bakcground to more intricate designs as stamping, freehand painting or rhinestone placing. You know I'm not happy until I STAMP ALL THE THINGS!! So, I went and stamped with gold nail polish and my newest plate from MoYou London, the Holy shapes collection 05 . I find this minimalistic geometric shapes to work nicely with the Saran wrap background.

Nail art designs for short nails Orange saran wrap

Nail art designs for short nails Orange saran wrap

So, what do you think? Has my example of nail art for short nails convinced you? Would you like me to come up with more nail art ideas for short nails? Would you like to read a post about "How to groom short nails to kick ass?" LOL, please, if you have short nails don't hesitate to leave me your opinion (or if you have long nails too! of course) and if you have any questions or requests I'll be very glad to read them and answer them in the comments!!

That was my contribution to the challenge today, don't miss the manicures of the other participants listed below!

I wish you a wonderful weekend and see you on Sunday with some drugstore cutesy and the blog planning for next week.


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