Korean beauty │ Tony Moly Dust and the City.

Hello Sweeties! How are you? How is your weekend?
Fall has made its entrance this weekend, humid, chilly, rainy weather, mostly gloomy. That's it! I guess we have un-oficially changed season! In spite of it, there are some reflexes a beauty addict should never lose, like using SPF products and protecting your skin from nasty pollution whatever the season is. Today I'd like to talk to you about a product that I've been testing since the beginning of September and I find ideal for the season: Tony Moly Dust and the city, a clear Shield mist with SPF8 that has skin brightening and anti-pollution properties. To find out what this little wonder does, keep reading after the jump!

If you haven't done it yet, it's time to pay attention to your beauty regime changes with Fall, because the colder months are just around the corner. Your hair might need a little extra help after the hot months (read here), your skin cells too need to renew (find some advice here). But one thing we usually forget is that we still need to protect our skin from UV rays even if they are not as strong as in Summer months. 

I don't know about you, but me, in September, I'm so over spreading my thick SPF50 sunscreen over my face, but that doesn't mean I neglect my protection! Preferring beauty products that already contain sunscreen is the perfect choice for the season! Moisturizers, foundations, even finishing powders can do the trick. Those we already knew, but today I'm sharing with you one of my recent discoveries, wich is a three-in-one makeup setting mist that also has SPF8 and anti-pollution protection. 

What I like

Tony Moly Clear Shield Mist is a triple functional cosmetic with Brightening + Wrinkle Care + UV protection effect. This mist creates a protective skin barrier and keeps your skin moist and clean, protected from UV rays and pollution. 

It is an airtight bottle that sprays a continue mist, which gives a super homogeneous and uniform application in one single spray. In my experience, Tony Molly Shield Mist is great as makeup setting, it definitely prolongs the wear of my makeup way beyond my actual needs, so if your days are long I strongly recommend it. Besides, it is very refreshing, and you can totally use it to freshen up your face in the middle of the day. It has a neutral finish, I don't feel it gives any extra dewiness or mattifies my makeup, so you can use it confidently with your ultra matte foundation, or with your super juicy one, it will not alter the finish of your makeup. As the mist is so uniform it re-applies wonderfully!

As the protection factor is not very high I would not recommend it as sole protection for the summer, but I do think for the colder seasons this is great! Especially in the city. I am also happy to know that this product contributes to keep polluants at bay, although that is difficult to measure.
I haven't noticed any significative change on my skin brightness since I started using it, but I must say after my brightening routine earlier this year (read about it here) and my recent skin renewal treatment (read about it here) the dullness on my skin is really minimal. 

Korean beauty │ Tony Moly Dust and the City.

What I don't like

I can't read Korean, and information on this product label is all in Korean. Bummer. I can't even tell how much product it contains! I'm totally unable to tell what the ingredients are because, neither the website nor the bottle, list the ingredients in English.


I think, it is a bit adventurous of me to recommend a product that I can't tell what the ingredients are. BUT, I have pretty sensitive skin and this does not burn or irritate my skin in the least. It has no fragrance, if anything it smells ever so slightly of sunscreen, but the smell disappears very quickly. Although I will not tell you "run to get it", I do think it is a nice product, that needs just a little more marketing in English :) So if you are an  adventurous girl looking for new things to try, I would say go for it. I got mine at bluescandal.com for 17 USD.

Well, that was wordy! I hope it was worthy readying too :) I wish you a great Sunday and see you tomorrow for the Monday Shadow Challenge!!