My Youtube beauty Gurus! Which are yours?

Hello, sweeties! Happy Hump Day!
Today there is a different kind of blog post than usual. A few weeks ago I decided it would be cool to share with you my favorites bloggers and youtubers, spread the love, and why not have your feedback about the favourite of yours! When I started going through the list of blogs I'm subscribed to... it was overwhelming! If you take a look at my bloglovin account, you'll know I read a lot of blogs. A LOT! I am still working on trying to cut down my top list, but there are so many blogs I love for different reasons that the task became extremely hard.  I also watch a few Youtube videos and Vlogs, but not as many, so that was much easier! I am "only" subscribed to 30 something Youtube channels, and that gave me the right place where to start!
Today I'll talk you through my "beauty roots", you'll find who are the people who taught me (and still teach me) most of what I know about makeup, how to do makeup, Ladies and gents, these are my Youtube beauty gurus!

Lisa Eldrige

My Youtube beauty Gurus! Which are yours?

Lisa Eldrige is a huge British Makeup Artist, she's currently the Creative director of Lancôme Makeup, she has worked with Chanel Makeup for a while and she has been the makeup artist for red carpets and the greatest magazines in the world, of numerous British (and non British) celebrities for years. She was my actual introduction to the makeup world! I started watching her videos in 2009, by then I didn't even have a youtube account! I am ta huge fan of hers and can't be objective at all in what I am going to tell you. She has written a book a couple of years ago, on a research about the History of makeup, "Facepaint", which I found fascinating.

She makes the most polished makeup looks and gives truly great tips for real gals makeup issues. She does some looks on herself, but what I like the most is that she uses models, so you can see how to actually apply makeup on different features.

She doesn't accept any sponsored content on her channel and she doesn't do product placement, not that I mind really. She works with products from all price ranges and you can be sure that if she is using a product, that means the products is a good one.

She's got amazingly useful videos, tutorials about all kinds of looks from everyday quick fixes to edgy editorial looks, and looks inspired by different eras in History and by different divas of all times. My all time favourite videos are "the morning after the night before", the video about "meeting your ex" with special tips for doing makeup after crying a lot, "first date" makeup, "PMS (pre-mentrual syndrom) face and skincare tips" is the one I swear by! and many many others...
If you don't know Lisa I definitely recommend to take a look at her channel!

Visit her channel here.

Wayne Goss

My Youtube beauty Gurus! Which are yours?

I started following his channel quite early, also around 2009. Wayne Goss is a British makeup artist with a huge common sense. Hey, that's a rare thing! I love his older videos and come back to them time and again to perfect my technique. He was teaching how to contour as early as 2009, when nobody was contouring or highlighting. His videos are SHORT, he goes straight to the point, zero drama, zero babbling and rambling! In about 3 minutes you get the most of his advice. I love so many of his videos, some of them have been life changing for me. Lately his channel has changed a little, and he does a lot more of product placement (but who doesn't nowadays), but I still love him because he is so down to Earth.

Just for reference, turn to some of his older videos and you'll find invaluable tips. He talks brushes, how to use each brush according to its shape and quality, how to care for brushes, what are the different face shapes, eyeshapes, how to make your own features look at their best. I love that!
My all time fave videos from Wayne are so many it's hard to choose, but you can't miss this one about eyes shapes, the one he teaches how to contour and highlight like Kim Kardashian on himself and on a model, the one he shows how to cover acne, the 30 seconds eyebrows!, of course, the best way to makeup eyeborws (in my opinion), the two minute smokey eyes, 5 techniques to apply blusher,  a step by step cut crease, how to know your eyehsape and so many others!!

Visit his channel here.

Cora "Vintage or Tacky"

My Youtube beauty Gurus! Which are yours?

I started reading her blog in 2010, but I can't be sure, it could be earlier, but soon switched to follow her on Youtube. I was always extremely admirative of two things about Cora: one is her talent as makeup artist and the other herbeautiful features! I know that shouldn't be a criteria for liking a MUA... stupid right? But everytime I watches her videos I think gosh, her skin is so perfect and her eye shapes also! He can do every look, I instead, with my hooded eyes struggle to achieve most edgy makeup looks.

Cora is a plus size girl with a very special sense of fashion, your are sure to find creativity in its purest state! I follow tones of fashion blogs, it's not that often when I see this level of outfit creativity! She is very sweet and always gives the best encouraging advice on how to boost your self esteem and to love onself, appreciate the beauty that we have and make the most of it. There is beauty in everyone of us, and we don't need to be perfect to be beautiful!!

She does the edgiests looks I've seen but that are still quite wearable, and the most fantastic costume looks! So if you're looking for a great makeup inspiration for Halloween, her channel is a must watch!

Some of my favourites are the Sea Queen makeup, her rainbow eyes tutorial, the video "grubby to glam in 13 minutes",  her "how to do vintage curls" is just amazing and I go back to it frequently, or one of her amazing Vintage looks, and of course her super colourful looks are amazing. When I need some makeup inspiration for colours I just go to her channel.

Visit her channel here.

As I told you I watch a lot of other channels and I'm suscribed to many more, but if I had to "blame" anyone for me being such a makeup junkie, it would be these three! These are my "makeup mentors". Who are yours? Did you attend makeup school or you went to "youtube academy" like me? LOL What are your makeup gurus? There many other youtubers I love that I've known more recently and that I definitely would like to mention to you, but that would make this post ginormous, which I really want to avoid. So I leave that for another day, would that interest you?

Now is your turn, who are your own favourite youtubers?