What is worse than a broken nail?
Two broken nails, of course...

I got two broken nails while I was in the middle of a swatching session and I got to fix them in five minutes with this simple hack that I'm sharing with you today!
Keep reading to find out ☺

Even if I am a nail blogger,a broken nail doesn't bother me that much, nails will always grow back, no biggie. But a nail that tears right in the middle of the nail plate: that hurts!! And the piece hanging off will for sure get stuck in your clothes or anything you touch and it will hurt some more. The best way of getting a quick fix to this problem is by creating a home made nail patch. It is much simpler to show you than to explain with words, so here you go: I've made a short viedo tutorial on How to fix a broken or semi-broken nail.

 Here is what you will need for this tutorial

-1 Tea bag
- Nail Glue ( I use nail glue from Born Pretty Store)
- Tweezers
- Scissors
- Nail file and buffer
- Base coat and nail polish

The method is really simple and quick! Please, watch the video and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube chanel here.