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Last year I started a series of posts dedicated to K-beauty or Korean beauty products. It's been a long time since my last post in this series! I the past months, I have been testing different Korean sheet masks, but I wasn't as impressed as to write about them. So I thought it was time to try some other brands and different kind of products.
Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on the Dr. Jart Hydration Lover rubber mask , did it impressed me or not?

I bought the Dr. Jart Hydration Lover rubber mask at Sephora in Paris for around 10€. I don't think this is available in SephoraSwitzerland, at list not online. This mask is a two step mask that aims to soothe and moisturize dry skin. What does exactly this means? Well the package contains a serum and a mask, you first apply the serum and then pose the mask on top of it to maximize its efficacity.

The only claim of this product is that it soothes the skin while providing intense moisturizing. Which is what I was needing ;)


The packaging is awesome. It contains all the necessary information in English and French in the back, including the full list of ingredients and a detailed section with Use directions. It also comes with a leaflet with instructions in 17 languages (!). This is also useful case you are like me and discard the packaging, but you still want to keep some info about the product.

Mask shape and application

The two step Dr Jart mask includes an ampoule with a serum that you apply directly to your cleanse skin, and a second step which is a "rubber" mask, that you pose immediately after the serum to maximize its efficacity.

The mask is by no means a "rubber" mask. I has this appearance but reading the ingredients here below you can easily see there is much more that rubber in it. It is quite fragile and "squish-y" it has the appearance of silicon, but it is really like a gel that can tear quite easily and I have accidentally dented it with my nails while applying it despite being very careful!


The serum contains macademia oil, mango seed butter, rosmary leaf oil, lavander oil, which are known for their soothing, nourrishing properties for the skin. It also contains phenoxyethanol et silicones.

The rubber mask contains castor oil, neem leaf extract, mimosa extract, Aloe flower extract, which have emollient and hydrting properties, among a log list of plant extracts I leave you here below. It also contains alcohol based ingredients, phenoxyethanol and citric acid.

Personal Experience

Applying the serum feels delicious. It has a very subtle scent, almost imperceptible, but the texture is very rich and a bit like a thick gel. My skin felt immediately moisturized and instantly more comfortable. The masks requires being handled with care, as it is very soft and prone to be torn. But once on the face it adapts so perfectly, it doesn't move, and it flalessly spouse the shape of the face. You can go on with your activities without worrying. The mask or the serum beneath will NOT drop, slip, or move. I love this!

I left the mask for 40 minutes, after which I removed the rubber mask and patt the remaining serum until my skin absorbed it completely. My skin felt moisturized and souple and the next day it even seemed more flexible, as the nutrients continued acting after penetrating the skin. I loved it and recommend it without hesitation to anyone with dry skin problems! It's a bit more expensive than other Korean Masks but it is totally worth it, for me this are a total keeper and I will be adding it to my skincare routine.

Have you ever tried any of the Dr. Jart rubber masks? what is your opinion? Would you be willing to try this mask? Let me know your opinion in the comments!


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