In my home country, and another 85 countries, Father's day will be celebrated on Sunday 18th June.
If you are reading this, chances are that it is also Father's day in your country and that you still haven't got a present for him... ay, ay, ay... Fear not, you can still get this right and show your dad how important he is in your life with a nice present.

When buying a gift for your dad, the most important is having a good idea... do you have one? Nope? well, keep reading then!

The answer is already in your heart

You know your dad better than anyone! Think about what his activities are, his favorite hobbies, or something he'd like to do and never has the time/encouragement/information to do? You might already know what he likes, so if that lights up a bulb in your mind, go and get him what you just thought!!
If your mind is still blank... I've got a couple of ideas for you.

Game of beards

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Your dad is in his 30's, 40's or even 50's, has never worn a beard but now he's trying to grow one? You may not know this, but he might be is secretly hoping to become his own version of Kahl Drogo, and you can't let him down in this.

The Best Beard Oils

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In the 21st century beards can't just be grown savagely. Come on! Here is a list of neat products that can help your dad's beard grow strong and profusely while caring for his skin. You wouldn't want to miss this read "The best beard oil", this is a in-depth article based on a research about beard oils. You can hardly get a more complete information concerning the best beard oils in the market.

The best Shaving kits
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If your dad is nowhere to be found in the Game of Beards, or if he simply prefers a facial hair-free face, he must then consider a good shave. Be sure to read this article about the "Best Shaving Kits" which will guide you among the vast offer of shaving kits, whether your dad prefers a fancy electrical razor or and old school vintage one, you'll be sure to find the right one for him.

Game of Beer

So, if your dad ALREADY has his great full-bushy-fluffy beard all pampered, or the perfect shaving tools sorted out, you have to think of something else.
Second best thing to get your dad is liquor... NO! I'm kidding! (but why not, a good malt whisky, could be appreciated).
The second best thing is spending time with him. A good way to do that are:  TICKETS!!
Ok, don't panic, you don't have to get him plane tickets to Dubai, of course, you could if it is in your budget. Most likely, all you have to do is get him tickets to his favourite game/concert/recital/cinema/Theatre or whatever he will really enjoy attending WITH YOU even if it might take place in a near or far future. I'm sure this will be well received, it will also create expectation and you'll have a great experience together!
What the beer has to do? Well, a fun way to give him this present is to get a pack of beers (could also be any other beverage) and stuck/hide the tickets in there, you'll get the surprise effect ensured!

Anti-gift guide: what you DON'T get your dad

A tie

#fortheloveofall Don't get him a tie. EVEN if your dad is a chic dandy and likes dressing really smart, find him a nice silk scarf instead, it is so much chic, trendy and he will surely stand out!

A baseball cap

Unless is a cap signed by his all-time-favourite baseball player, you just don't do that. There are so many other things you could get him instead! A Panama hat or a pair of trendy sunglasses are a much better option.

A mug

#ohmyword mugs with funny sayings printed on... just don't! If your dad is a coffee lover, get him a Starbucks giftcard. If he is like my husband and loves old good traditional Italian espresso, get him an original designer moka pot the perfect coffee brew it is a men's thing!

 A T-shirt with your picture

Unless you are 2 years old, don't give him that. Seriously, it's not fun. If he needs some casual garments, just take him shopping instead and let him choose. You'll spend a nice time together and you'll be sure he gets what's of his taste and suits him right!

Well, I'm sure by now you have already found the perfect gift idea for your dad! I wish you spend a wonderful Father's Day with your dad.

Happy Father's day!