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Last Tuesday I've shown on Instagram and Facebook the three palettes I got from BH Cosmetics and asked you which one of the three you'd like me to review first. I got many positive reactions, thank you!! It is so rassuring to know I'm not alone with my makeup addiction, LOL. The most voted was this gorgeous  BH Cosmetics Blushed Neutrals palette, so here it is my REview, including swatches and a makeup of the day!! I hope you like it :)

My thoughts on the palette

You know I love the brand BH Cosmetics because they offer great quality at a very budget friendl price, and they have all the crazy colours I am usually fond off. Their range is quite large for such affordable brand. They are also cruelty free, which is always a good thing to know! This palette is not an exception and I bought it without having read any review about it, just because I was attracted to the warm, copper and reddish tone shades!

The packaging

The housing of the eyeshadows is very basic matte black plastic. Really thin and quite lightweight. I quite prefer the opaque lid as opposed to the transparent one others palette from this brand have, because this one feels a tad sturdier. It does not include a mirror. I find it easy to open and close (unlike other budget friendly palettes). It is nothing special but it looks durable and easy to clean. I don't have major aesthetic criticism, because they are not trying to impress with packaging, which is absolutely fine for me!!

The colours
Now, talking about the quality of the shadows, when swatching them with my fingers for the first time I noticed the matte shades needed to be built while the shimmers and satins were definitely more pigmented. However, While working with the brush on my eyelids, I think the colours show up nicely and pigmented even the matte ones and I appreciate there is no fall out on the mattes shades. I

In this case, I think they've come up with a palette that tries to gather ONLY warm toned shades with strong predominance of red undertones in most of the colours. Even those which are not copper or red. The shadows vary in quality, some of them are super creamy and a pleasure to apply and blend, others show up less depending on your skintone and require adding more layers to build up the colour because they are not terribly pigmented. I was impressed with very little fall out, but that is easily explained by the formulation which is not very powdery. You will be able to identify the difference in quality of the different shades by looking at my swatches here below. The colours will show definitely better with a base. All my swatches are on naked skin without eyeshadow base. Let me know if you wish that I update this post with some swatches done using a shadow base!

Top row eyeshadows

Middle row eyehsadows
(please ignore the first shade from the left which belongs to the top row!!)

 Bottom row eyeshadows

Blushes (the sun decided to hide so this pic lacks of luminosity)

I don't particularly like how the palette is organized, I find it lacks of coherence, unlike most palettes from BH Cosmetics that I have (which for me is one of the strong poins of BH Cosmetics, to organize the colours in a functional way for the artist). They don't seem to be organized by purpose (as you would say transition shades, highlights, main lid colours, etc), except for the 5 pans at the bottom which are "obviously" cheek shades (just because of their size! but they could also be worn on the eyelids). I think they are organized by groups with different undertones, warm bronze-y shades to the left, reds and corals in the center, and warm taupes to the right. Other than that intensity (dark, medium) and textures (stain, shimmer and matte) are all mixed up.
I also find that the palettes dramatically lacks highlight and dark colours. There is only one dark brown and nothing very light. Which is not great for me but could be awesome for girls with brown and black skin.

Who will like this palette

Someone who likes flattering warm colours and red undertones will be smitten with this palette. Someone who wants to practice with different textures and colours will find a nice product for a great price.This is not a stand-alone palette for creating all your looks, as there is a large predominance of medium intensity shades, you will be needing spare dark shades and highlighters. Other than that I think it is a very interesting palette which will allow to create loads of possible looks!


This is the look I created with it so you can have an idea of what you can create with this palette. I used five colours: the matte light taupe as a transition shade on the crease (top row, first from the right) which I immediately deepened with the satin mauve (middle row, third from the right),  I used the iridescent copper in the center of the eyelid (bottom row, fourth shade from the right). Finally I darkened my outer corner and my lower eyelid by combining the deepest mauve (bottom raw third shade from the right) and the dark brown (bottom row first shade from the left). I also wore the deep copper-y shade of blush (second blush from the right) and with a very light hand on my ultra pale skin and I think it looked quite nice!

Bottom line

I think this is a pretty nice palette although it is definitely not a stand alone palette. If you were thinking to purchase it keep in mind my comments before deciding!
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I hope you have found my review useful! I'd love to read your thoughts or answer your questions, don't hesitate to leave me a comment!


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