Hello, sweeties! How are you?

The first week of September has almost gone by and I'd like to make a little recapitulation of my blog and Instagram activities in August. I'm also adressing some important resolutions in my privat life, that obviously concern my blogging activity.
It's nice to look back and realize how many beautiful moments I spent during this month! Keep reading to review those moments with me :)

The month of August has been quite busy, it was time to go back to school!
But it was also a month of changes and I've been checking my health, had a couple of doctor appointments and taken some resolutions. I had been feeling bad for a while now, a few months, a lot of unpleasant small boo-boos started growing and became quite unbearable, mainly headaches and fatigue. After several check-ups and tests, I've been diagnosed with Endometriosis, which I already knew I had, but this time they have found enough evidence to actually pronounce a diagnose, and some of it located in my ovary, which apparently disturbs my body proper production of hormones. I should say I am happy it actually attained my ovary, because that way they could actually see it and put a name to what has been bothering me for 17 years.
I am now following a treatment, a hormonal treatment. It wasn't easy to decide to take these pills, as they are actually not getting me rid of the symptoms, but somehow make them worse. I still have terrible headaches, fatigue, acne rashes on my body, my hyperpigmentation is worsening, irregular bleeding and cramps, hot flushes, hair loss, are some in a long list of unpleasant symptoms I'm getting. That is mainly why during the second part of the month I couldn't meet my blog schedule and I will probably have to slow down during September as well. I'm supposed to follow this treatment at least 6 months and "as long as I can bear it". Great. I don't think I can bear it for 6 months! But my doctor's idea was "until I have menopause"... well, that's about 15 years from now?? no thanks.

I've been looking for an alternative (while taking my treatment) because I will definitely not take hormone pills for the rest of my life. I've found out that certain changes in my diet and my lifestyle could help making endometriosis receded. I still have a lot to learn about this, and there isn't real evidence or tests on humans yet. If this interests you, if you suffer from Endometriosis or you know someone who suffers from it, let me know if you'd be interested in me writing further about this subject and my own experience!

Well, enough about that! This motnh was pretty cool. The first few days of August we were still by the seaside in Emilia Romagna, enjoying some great family time. Back in Switzerland we had a few more beautiful days with the children before it was time to go back to school.

Despite what I am going through, I must say it was quite a aproductive month for the blog. I've come up with 3 new nail art designs, created 5 colorful makeup looks, written 4 new reviews including the OPI Iceland Collection which was so much fun swatching. And there is a lot coming up in the next few weeks!

This month nail related posts:

This month's makeup looks:

 This month's reviews and beauty posts:

I've written 13 new blogposts in August, I think you have some reading to catch up with! LOL Don't worry, because my articles average 3 minutes of reading :)

There are always some moments and details I only share on Instagram, especially on Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me there! In August I shared mainly personal and family moments on Instagram Stories, but I usually also share makeup and skincare tags, food, shopping and random stuff.

What was your month of August like? Where there hard moments? What about the happy ones? Did you take some resolutions? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments!!