Hello, sweeties!
Today I have my very first review and collaboration for Beauty Bigbang, an online store dedicated to nail art and beauty items. I received an awesome package from them with many wonderful items for giving extra peps to your manicures and today I'm presenting them to you.

Mini 9W UV Gel Lamp LED Light

I have never done UV gel manicures before, but what got me into this game of curing gel polish with a lamp was the amazing effects you can get with magnetic nail polish and the special loose powders. Of course, just to start I needed a lamp, and this mini portable lamp with an USB cable seemed perfect for my needs!

The mini lamp comes in four different colours: white, black, red and pink. Of course, I had to have it in pink because I'm a pink-a-holic. The device is small and superlight, but wide enough to cure 4 nails at a time. The exact measures are 150mm x 75mm x 95mm

It is equipped with 3 LED lamps of 3W each, which gives it a total power of 9W. It is not very high power, but it is enough for curing all types of UV gels and polishes in a decent amount of time with minimal risk.

The lamp has an ON/OFF button which toggles with three different timers: 30 seconsd, 60 seconds, 90 seconds. Which I find awesome!

The mini lamp is great for carrying as it alimentation through USB cable makes it very practical and user friendly. I connect it to my laptop and I do my nails as I watch my favourite youtube videos. What could be better? I even took it with me to Italy during our 3 weeks vacation and I didn't have to worry about electric adaptors or stuff!

In my own personal experience, it took 30 seconds to cure my base coat, and 60 seconds to cure each coat of colour and the last coat of top coat, which is totally acceptable considering we are talking of a device that costs only USD 7.99 !! Yes, you read right, less than 8 dollars! You can purchase this Mini Lamp at Beauty BigBang here.

Holographic Rainbow Pigment 

Here is when the fun begins!!
I have been wanting to try this loose holo powder glitter for so long, I've lost count. This will give to your nails an effect that is out of this world. Seriously.

All you need to make it work is to prep your nails and do your UV gel manicure as usual, then with a sponge applicator (as those that come with eyeshadows, as you can see in my pictures) rub a tiny amount of powder over your nails, cover it with top coat and cure it!

You might take note that you need to use a no wipe top coat for this loose powders actually work. I have used a No wipe UV gel top coat from Born Pretty Store and it worked fantastically. You can se the effect of this "holographic rainbow powder" below, on my manicure picture, I'm wearing it on my index finger and the final effect is freaking BLINDING.

The "holographic rainbow powder" comes in a little pot of 0.5g and includes a sponge applicator. It retails only for USD 3.99 at Beauty BigBang.

Chameleon Flakes  

When I start loving something I have to explore all the variants. So I also ordered 3 different "Chameleon flakes". These are also a kind of transluscent loose glitter/flakes that will complete transform whatever colour you are using and give a duochrome effect to your nails. It is so much fun!!

It is available in 12 different colours, I got colours #1, #2 and #3 which you can see in my picture below. #1 corresponds to my ring fingernail and it gives an intense emerald green with violet. #2 corresponds to my middle finger, which translates to a mix of blue and fuchsia. Finally, #3 corresponds to my pinkie which is a metallic mauve that shifts to green.

To apply them you use the exact same technique I described further above with the Holographic rainbow pigment.
Each colour comes in a small container of 0.2g (including a sponge applicator) and each one retails for USD 2.99 at Beauty BigBang. You can purchase them here.

Rose Gold Pigment

I still haven't had the chance to try this rose gold loose powder, but the effect is a foiled manicure with mirror effect. As soon as I do my nails with it I will snap a picture and update this post. This looks absolutely gorgeous in the pictures I've seen and so appropriate for Fall.

The rose gold loose powder comes in a container with 2g (which is a LOT) including a sponge applicator, and each retails for USD  0.99 !! What for a price! You can purchase it here.

Neon Unicorn Pigment 

I didn't ordered the Neon  Unicorn pigment but it was added to my order as a courtesy of Beauty BigBang and I'm soooo glad they did!! I love the effect it has, I actually tried it on top of a green manicure I was wearing and it looked so beautiful, I need to try with many other colours now!

Again the application for all these powders is the same, the only thing changing is the final effect you obtain according to the different powders you use.

The powder I got is the green one, but there are many other colors to choose from. It comes in a container with 0.2g and it retails for USD 2.99 (instead of 4.99). You can purchase it here.

Below you can see my manicure testing all the different powders (except the rose gold one, which I'll be testing soon for you). I am loving each and everyone of them and I have so many ideas for future manicures!

 I have had a great experience with all the items sent to me by Beauty BigBang and I want to try more! All the items are super affordable, plus they offer World wide free shipping. My order took 2 weeks to arrive, which is totally acceptable comparing to other stores,

There is also good news for you my lovelies, all your purchases get a 10% off when you use my code POLY10

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Did you know Beauty Bigbang ? Have you purchase anyhting from them? what was your experience? Have you tried any of this nail art techniques before? I'm curious, let me know all in your comments!!