Hello, my lovelies! How are you today?
This weekend we are challenged by the "26 Great Nail Art Ideas" group to make a design inspired by "Autumn". I'm having the hardest time to keep up with the rythm I used to do my nails, my makeup looks for the blog and working for the blog in General. I opted for doing simpler manicures and looks but keep posting, instead of taking a break. So here is the very simple manicure I did with one of the New OPI Iceland Collection polishes, I hope you like it.

The color I used it's a very rich chocolate brown called "OPI That's what Friends are Thor" from the OPI Iceland collection (the whole collection is beautiful and I've swatched it in full, you can check those colors here ;) )  I painted all my nails with this colour and then I simply stamped some leaves images using Butter London Goss (rose gold), and the beautiful MoYou London stamping plate Mother Nature Collection #07

I hope you've liked this simple manicure, and don't hesitate to tell me your opinion in the comments!
Also, don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates in the list below!!

Have a wonderful weekend,