Hello Sweeties! How is your weekend so far?
Last week I was late for posting my manicure for the "26 Great nail Art Ideas" Challenge and I thought that instead of skipping it, I would just put it off until this weekend. The theme for this week is animal "reciprocal gradient" which is an advanced nail art technique that I'll expl to in you in detail if you keep on reading!

You might be familiar with the technique or the concept of "colour gradient". In nail art, it means simply to use two or more colours and apply them on each nail (usually with a sponge) so that the transition from one colour to the other is soft, as a gradient. On the other hand, reciprocal gradient refers to a doubled and superposed gradient of the same colours. You start your manicure with a simple gradient. Then let it dry well, you cover a part of your gradient (using adhesive tape, but there are also other methods like liquid latex) and apply a second layer of gradient BUT you inverse the colours.

In my case, I used two colours from Moyou London. First I protected my cuticles with liquid latex, then, using a sponged I created a gradient with the colours Thunderstorm (blue) and After the storm (a pale dove grey with a subtle shimmer). I created the gradient so as the darker colour would be near my cuticle and the light colour near the tip. I applied a coat of fast drying topcoat, and once it w completely dry I created some triangle shapes on my nails using striping tape and liquid latex.
Once I got all the triangle shapes like I wanted, I sponged my gradient again, but this time I used the light colour near the cuticle and the dark colour near the tip. Basically, I inverted the order of the colours. Carefully, I lifted the triangle shape that was covering my nails and beneath there was the original gradient. This is a very fun optical effect!!

I then stamped on top of my gradient using the colour MoYou London Mystique which is a gorgeous metallic grey with a hint of blue. And using the stamping plate MoYou London Festive collection #01 I added the snowflakes and arabesques.

Have you tried MoYou London nail polishe and stamping plates? They are of excellent quality! I got all the products I used today in a bundle called "Snowy morning" so you can save a little money by buying in a bundle instead of individual items. 
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