Hello, sweeties! Happy Friday! Happy December!
I hope you are planning a great weekend ahead, what are you up to?
I haven' shared with you the products I've used up since last August. I've cumulated a lot of empty bottles, so I have decided to split the the items into two posts, otherwise, this will be endless. This time I'm going to talk about the skincare and makeup products and I will address the body and hair products in a future post.
So let's get to it!

Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleanser

This product is SO GOOD. It is supposed to be used for spot cleaning your brushes in between washes. You simply spray your brush and swirl it on a microfiber cloth (or a paper towel) and you get rid of makeup, dirt, and bacteria. It is great for both synthetic and natural brushes, it doesn't damage the bristles at all. But unfortunately this is ONE more example of what Caroline Hirons calls "When bad packaging happens to great products". The packaging presents a problem and it is not a minor one. The ingredients present in the formula ends up "dissolving" the head of the pump!! Yes, after one month of daily use, the whole of the spray was useless and instead of a mist, pumping the bottle created a jet that drip product everywhere. I changed the head of the spray with the one of an empty bottle, I did so twice, and it kept happening. Until I decided to decant the product to another bottle, so on a so forth. It drove me crazy!! I absolutely hated the packaging and having so much trouble to make it work, so I decided I wouldn't repurchase it again, thought the product is excellent, it doesn't' worth the struggle with the packaging! I wish the company did something to improve this!

Estée Lauder Hydrationist. Maximum moisture lotion.

This is not the first time I use this moisturizer. It is a nice lightweight lotion. I used it up somewhen around August, and it was nice for the hot days because it moisturizes the skin without making it feel greasy, on the contrary, it is even a bit refreshing. It doesn't have SPF, but I don't mind because for summer I do apply a separate sunscreen SPF 50 on top of my moisturizer. What can I say? It is not an extraordinary product, but it gets the job done. I got it with a strong discount, otherwise, I would say its regular price is too expensive for what it does and you can certainly get very decent moisturizers that do the same for a more reasonable price. That being said, I got it because during July-August my skincare routine was mainly branded by Etée Lauder. In July I used up the serum Enlighten (that I reviewed here) and later in August I used up also other products of the brand that I list below.

Estée Lauder Take it away. Gentle Eye and lip Longwear makeup remover

You know I love double.phase removers for my eye makeup, because I find those to be the most effective and this one is no exception. Besides being very effective, as it gets rid of all kinds of waterproof makeup without e having to rub and struggle, it also respects my skin, which is rather sensitive around my eyes. The product leaves a residue that is a bit oily. I do not mind because I always wash my face as the last cleansing step before applying my skincare. I think the skin of my eyelids has improved a lot using this product, and I would love to repurchase it. However, I do find it a little pricey, and I do have other similar options for a more reasonable price. So, unless I get a juicy discount, I don't think I will repurchase it.

ORLANE Super-moisturizing Serum

This is a wonderful moisturizing serum with a heavenly scent. I have reviewed this Serum here, so be sure to check my blog post if you want to know all the details, I definitely recommend it. I was halfway through this tube when I switched to a different routing last spring. So after the summer, I run out of the Estée Lauder Serum very quickly, before having finished the Estée Lauder moisturizer and night cream, so I decided to replace my serum with the rest of this tube. It was a pleasure to finish it and I will definitely repurchase it once I'm done (if) with my back up of serums.

Estée Lauder Enlighten. Even skin care correcting  crème

I had my hopes put on this cream, which is not a bad one. It moisturizes my skin, and it makes it look fresh, glowing and beautiful. But it did absolutely NOTHING to my hyperpigmentation spots. As another negative point, it comes in a jar. I hate creams in a jar. Even if I use a spatula to pick up the product, I feel it's the least hygienic way to pack a product!!
I definitely won't repurchase this, I wouldn't recommend it either, and I think Estée Lauder should discontinue (if it hasn't been done yet) a product that doesn't do what it claims.

Excellent mascara! I have really shitty lashes, short, sparse and thin. It takes a lot to make my lashes look nice and curled and really black, especially when I do my very colourful looks on the blog. This mascara gives me everything: length, volume, curl, and it holds. It is not waterproof and it smears if I cry, but it is very mild and it doesn't disturb my sensitive eyes and it is very easy to remove which for me it is always a plus.
The ONLY reason why I will not repurchase is the price. This year I have decided that I will no longer invest so much money in something so common as a mascara. The reason for my decision is the fantastic improvement of drugstore mascaras recently and my discovery of Wetnwild mascaras which do all of the above for a fraction of a price. Thank you Givenchy, you're very chic, but I will not snob my mascara.

Essence Liquid ink eyeliner

I love, love, love this eyeliner!! This has a ridiculously low price, something like 3 CHF, but it is one of the best eyeliners I've ever used! The formula is super black, the applicator is excellent, allows for total control and precision and it is great for 30+ beauties. You know when your eyelids are not as firm as they used to be, applying eyeliner could be difficult, especially with felt tip applicators because they are rigid and tend to move the skin around. This is not the case because it has a very flexible but short bush, I find it perfect! I have opened this tube over a year ago and haven't used it up, I don't use black liner very often. The product started smelling wonky, which is totally normal (it says once opened it lasts for 6 months, but I had it for double that time). The liner is still perfectly liquid! it hasn't dried or clump, what can I say? if you like black eyeliner, you should definitely give it a go.

NYX Cosmetics Eyebrow cake powder

You know how it goes with eyebrows, there are two kinds of people, those who have to plack every day and those who have to fill in their brows every day. It seems there's not a half-way option here. I belong to the second group. I fill in my eyebrows, which are very light comparing to my dark hair and very sparse. I have never been one to pluck my eyebrows, it is just that my genetics don't give me much hair there. Gels and other stuff look too artificial on me, and I'm not very good with pencils. What makes my eyebrows look good, is powder. So my loyal companion, for about 8 years now is this little duo from NYX cosmetics. I've had this particular one for about 2 years and I use it daily. I haven't finished it up, but for hygiene purposes, I think it's time to ditch it and get a new. I will continue to repurchase it and I definitely recommend it, especially if your eyebrows are a bit sparse, like mine!

EOS lip balm in summer fruit

OK, I don't get it. What was the hype all about? I got two of these balms loooooong time ago and they do nothing for my lips. Yes, they smell nice. And yes, they look cute, although I kind of hate the packaging, but other than that, my lips look as crappy as always. If anything, when I invest 6 CHF in a lip balm, I expect that my lips condition would improve, that my lips would be moisturized andnourishedd and feel soft. This hasn't worked for me, and for that price I can get 6 lipbalms of another brand that work better on me. There, I said it.


Phewwww, finally went through the whole bunch of empties! Let me know if you need more extensive info on any of the products that I shortly present here, please do not hesitate to ask for it in the comments. Also, let me know if you have tried any of the products I have mentioned and if you have a different opinion I would love to know it!

Have a wonderful weekend!