Happy Friday, lovelies!
How are you doing? We are super excited for the weekend ahead, that'd be very social, full of parties, BBQs and friends. Can't wait!
Today, the Nail Crazies Unite prompted us to create a manicure inspired by the work of the artist Lisa Frank. So here is what I came up with, I hope you like it!

image source http://mentalfloss.com/article/66688/17-bright-and-colorful-facts-about-lisa-frank

I had no idea who was Lisa Frank until this challenge came up. I know, I'm not very informed in the art world :P I have searched a little what ther work was about, I found out she paints  cute charachters, like kittens, baby tigers, unicorns, puppies, but everything using a particular palette of rainbow colours: bright, vibrant rainbow colours. So I decided to make a rainbow manicure with some white accents for today!

Creating this manicure was quite easy but as usual, gradients take a while and many different colours.

1) I protected my fingers and cuticles and I sponged a gradient on three of my nails using 6 different colours (detailed further below in the list of materials!). Sponging a gradient directly on the naked nails takes a little more layers of sponging and a bit more waiting between the coats, that's what made this mani a little tie consuming.

2) Once my rainbow nails were dry, I created a nail decal using white polish and a stamping plate from Winstonia and colours pink, yellow, blue and purple to fill the image in. Once my stamping decal was ready I applied it to my ring fingernail.

3) I then painted my middle fingernail with a medium purple and when it was dry I stamped some Stars from a Born Pretty Store stamping plate and white nail polish.

4) Finally, I sealed the manicure with clear top coat, and that was it!

These are the products and Items I used:

  • White polish stamping polish MoYou London "White Knight"
  • Nail polishes: OPI "No turning back from pink street" (pink), OPI "No tan lines" (orange), OPI "I just Can't cope-a-cabana" (yellow), OPI "I'm soo swamped!" (green), OPi "Rich girls & poo boys" (bue), OPI "Lost my bikini in Molokini" (purple).
  • Winstonia stamping plate W-111 rainbows image
  • Born Pretty Store stamping plate BPL-006 Star image
  • Peel off cuticle protector
  • Silicon Clear stamper
  • Disposable latex sponge

I am totally incapable of making a free-hand design trying to copy the artist Lisa Frank, so I though the use of her colour palette would be an easy solution for me. I'm not super happy with the result, and in fact, I find this nail art a little weird on me! What do you think of it? Yay or nay?

Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates for more "Lisa Frank inspired" nail art! You can find their creations on the list down below!

Have a lovely Weekend!